A-Million Presents - Dipset Mania (Family Business)


1. Family Business Intro - The Diplomats
2. Cant Help You - Camron Feat Vado Produced By Araab Muzik
3. Another Level - Jr- Writer Feat Two Produced By Lex Luger
4. Once Upon A Time - Jim Jones Feat Yo Gotti
5. This How We Do It - Lino Cordova Feat A-Million Produced By A-Million
6. Fast Lane - A-Mafia Feat Wooh Da Kid Produced By A-Million
7. Dumming Out - Hell Rell
8. Look At Yourself - 40Cal
9. Motivation - Camron Produced By Supa Stylez
10. R.I.P Huddy 6 - Interlude
11. Bands On Me - Lino Cordova Feat A-Million Produced By A-Million
12. Vampire Music - Jim Jones Feat Mel Matrix, Sen City Produced By Jahlil Beats
13. The Best Flow - Jr-Writer Produced By Vic Charlamagne
14. Gun Go (Remix) - Agallah Feat Juelz Santana & Jim Jones Produced By Agallah [Throw Back]
15. Body Bag - A-Mafia Feat Hell Rell Produced By Rich Lou
16. Goin Thru It - Jim Jones Feat Jadakiss
17. Pull Triggas - Mel Matrix
18. Killa Season 2 (Skit)
19. Bang Bang - Camron Feat Vado Produced By Adm Beatz
20. I Dont Know (Remix) - Hard Luck Feat Camron, Hell Rell, Dallas Produced By A-Million
21. The Untouchables - Jim Jones Feat Chase, Shoota
22. Blow Party - Hell Rell
23. Ill Be Back - Jim Jones Feat Meek Mill, Fred Da Godson Produced By Jahlil Beats
24. Purple City - Shiest Bub Feat Un Kasa, Jim Jones Produced By Agallah [Throw Back]
25. Different Hustle- G.E. Da Piolet Feat A-Mafia Prod By J- Hill & Mr Ramos
26. Hot97 Freestyle - Jr-Writer, Un Kasa, Juelz Santana, Camron [Throw Back]
27. I Dont Give A Fuck - Dave Knickz Produced By Max Dollas
28. Real Live Pro - A-Mafia Feat Jr-Writer , 2 Chainz
29. Todo Por La Causa (Remix) - 70Cl Feat Lino Cordova Produced By Jahlil Beats
30. 2Day - Sinatra Produced By Jahlil Beats
31. For My Hustlers - Caniva Produced By A-Million
32. Wydee On The Beat - Produced By Wy Dee
33. My Life - Sinatra Produced By A-Million

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miamiheat420's picture

no juelz?

damn there aint nothin new out by juelz santana for a minute, the dude was blowin up around 2006 with all the hype for I can't feel my face, but lately he hasnt put out shit and what he does put out is garbage. that niggas career fell off faster than fuckin manute bol brah, real talk. vado done swiped up ya spot in dipset

Juelz = garbo

That nigga aint shit without a southern nigga by his side. Maybe he should kiss waynes azz again and make some money off dude. Every eastcoast nigga should, just look at meek millz lol
waelwondah's picture

where's Juelz?!?

33 tracks , only 2 with Juelz (on featuring....);it's bullshit,that man blow all the dipset member's.think it's time for him to do his own businness "There's a war going on outside"
MoneyOverBullShit's picture

juelz gotta

get his shit together. he thinkin that skull gang shit is gon last. john depp had a mixtape out, trash. And i hope they dont think that album they put out a while back, which was really a mixtape, was good enough to hold them over. Dame Dash needs to return man, start up another empire and put the dips and state prop back in rotation. i mean cam and vado and even jim got a buzz goin for the dips. Young Chris stayin relevant for state prop. Why Not? Shit recruit some new niggas! ~How bout I kick you in ya ass and give you brain damage?~