All Star - The Tenn-A-Keyan 2


01 Intro
02 State Of The Union Opening
03 Crazy Feat. Lil' Wayne
04 Bust My Windows Feat. Trey Songz
05 Uh-Huh $tarstyle
06 Paper Planes Streetmix - M.I.A. Feat. Rick Ro$$ & All Star
07 All Star Speaks On _The Hate_
08 On My S#!t - Kush Feat Yo Gotti & All Star
09 Busy $tarstyle
10 Ride Wit Me
11 Payback Music
12 Moving Ozs Feat. Mike J & Trouble
13 Money Clap
14 Whatever You Like Streetmix - Kush, Trey Songz, Gorilla Zoe & All Star
15 All Star Speaks On _The Love_
16 Jackin' 4 Beats '08 Feat Dj Crisis
17 Yellow Light
18 S.L.U. $tarstyle
19 Look What I Got $tarstyle
20 Did You Wrong Remix - Pleasure P Feat. Teairra Mari & All Star
21 Shoot Me Down $tarstyle
22 Controversial Commentary
23 All Star Speaks On _The Album_
24 Album Exclusive - _I Love You Too_ Prod. By Nyse
25 Album Exclusive - _Swagga Like Ric Flair_ Prod. By Fate Eastwood
26 state Of The Union Conclusion

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This mixtape is hot!!!! Allstar got hits listens to that Jackin 4 Beats


This mixtape is hot!!!! Allstar got hits listens to that Jackin 4 Beats

get this...

get this...


starlito already tearin up the mixtapes. He needs to drop an album

i like the way all star

i like the way all star flow..he raps real relaxed like he dont care if he fuck up..shit is kinda hot...he sound kinda like lil flip in the voice....
JayJayGeminii's picture


AllStar Is way colda then Gucci Mane


cashville own is killing on this mixtape


YUP NO DOUBT A-STAR WAAAAAY BETTER THEN GUCCI PUSSY,FROM HIS VOICE 2 HIS FLOW! i've been digin dude since 2006,n dat starbucks mixtape dat he droped around the summer was hot 2 death.~Magic D

U Crazy As Hell

Are you crazy man, this guy is nowhere near better than Gucci, Oj Da Juiceman, main, this nigga wouldn't even be in the top 10 rappers in atlanta, Yall on some good drugs

Dis nigga statement

Nigga its ten-a-key over here. Oj da juice man only famous for sayin ayyyy and okay.Star way more lyrical and can rip a beat better than almost anybody in the game. Allstar is in my top 5. FUCK U MEAN listen to his mixtapes, he spittin on all of them. I been listneing to star ever since the nigga came out,got all of his mixtapes, no comparison he killin gucci and oj yall on dat hard aint yall.

it seems 2 me


Dude is lame, im from

Dude is lame, im from Cashville, all that big boy shit he b talkin bout he dnt really b on that shit, dont get me wrong "Jermaine" can spit but all that real nigga talk he b on he aint with that, he financially dumb too, this nigga got $50,000 from cash money records, lost $13,000 shootin dice with yo gotti, and spent the rest on an Escalade, you need gas money too lol, he dnt even got that truck no more, its so much more i could expose this nigga on but imma leave it alone. 1 more thing though the nigga aint from Lischey Ave out in East Nashville, this nigga from Antioch TN. he just know some niggas over there, lame ass

First of all, Star aint

First of all, Star aint trynna claim Lischey, he fuck with Lischey niggas like Trouble, but if you pick up Starlitos Way 2 and listen to the first track "Life Story" you hear him say he was born in Haynes Garden and then moved over off of Shelby. I was raised on Queen and Sultana which is basically right across the street from Lischey, I know he aint from Lischey, but he really is from out East. And he aint dumb like someone said earlier, he went to Hume Fogg Magnet High School, you from the ville then you know that nigga smart, and just cuz you smart dont mean you aint really from the streets. You just gotta know the ville, shits crazy round there. But regardless of what he did or what hes doing, nigga can rap, hes a fuckin lyrical beast whether yall wanna admit it or not. Cash Moneys on that bullshit. They need ta go on and get him an album together.

Don't Let the Bars Fool You!!

Every real nigga in Cashville know Jermaine is the fakest nigaa in the history of rap. He aint did none of the shit he be talkin. Thats why he gotta take that shit outta town cause he gets no respect here. Wearin wayne's 1st cash money chain from 99 like that mean somethin. He just sat in another nigga trap house and took notes. Just like the other nigga said he aint from out east, especially not Lischey. Met some niggas from over there and started claimin it. This bitch ass nigga gonna give real cashville niggas a bad name.

yall jus hatin on dis

yall jus hatin on dis nigga...what the fuck have yall done??? not shit...jus keep doin yall job and hate on da nigga since yall aint got shit better to do...dis nigga is fire...

hatin aint healthy.....

hatin aint healthy.....

Hatin Ain't Healthy

nastyname615 wrote:
hatin aint healthy.....
But somebody's gotta do it! It might as well be ya'll!

fuck outa here gucci

man dont b talkin bout anything wit gucci. shits garbage. gucci can get a beat n just fuck it all up. planes nigga

Hes a Good Kid

I Work for the Nashville Police Dept. And Allstar Is A Good guy. he has helped us solve alot of crimes as an informant. Im not trying to expose him But he helps us out by giving us tips on all the local drug dealers and gangsters. He's really a good kid. Im not sure why he wont be honest with his peers and let everyone know his dream was to be a tennessee police officer. I have photos of him inside the station putting on wire taps snd him hanging out with us. Rap music sure has changed. I listen to it from time to time, but honest guys, you all know him as All-Star or whoever, down here at the police station we know him as a good kid that will do whats necessary to get crime off the streets. The hood calls it snitching, but he has done very well getting the bad guys off the street. He has helped us to lock up 14 people this year. Way to go buddy. Call us at the station monday. We didnt know you were a rapper. Great entertainment. If you can bring us some extra copies down here to the precint.

Idk if what he talks is real

Idk if what he talks is real or not...but the boy has a sick flow. Lookin real forward to that album he's talkin about. Hopefully Zaytoven made some hype ass beats for him.

That Dude

All-$tar is going to be the next BIG thing. I have been listening to his music since he was ballin in high school. This shit is fire and I can't wait till he drops Cas Money Laundering... streets been waitin on that album for a while but it will be worth it...grind hard everyday..hey hey

that nina simone sample on

that nina simone sample on 'state of the union' is fire... kind of really unexpected.

Anyone talkin shit about All

Anyone talkin shit about All Star is retarded... dudes a beast lyrically aint no one fuckin with him that yall mentioned. Dont get me wrong i like gucci buts its a whole other level with star.

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