Big Mike & Spliff Star - Let The Streets Decide

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01 Spliff Star - Intro 01:57
02 Spliff Star - NWA Gangsta Shit 01:54
(feat. Busta Rhymes)
03 Spliff Star - Run Ya Bloodclot 01:58
(feat. Busta Rhymes)
04 Spliff Star - This Is How I Do 03:51
(Produced By Dem Jointz)
05 Spliff Star - Lives On The Line 02:51
(Produced By Lab Ratz)
06 Spliff Star - Cant Touch Me 03:43
(Produced By Megahertz)
07 Spliff Star - Most Ignorant 02:47
(Produced By Lab Ratz)
08 Spliff Star - #1 Hypeman 02:06
(Produced By Lost Til Found)
09 Spliff Star - Let It Off (Produced By J Dilla) 02:08
10 Spliff Star - It Turned Me On (Skit) 00:21
11 Spliff Star - American Gangsta 02:43
(Produced By Lab Ratz)
12 Spliff Star - Black Roses 02:41
(Produced By Mar Sparxxx)
13 Spliff Star - Totally Untraceable (Skit) 00:22
14 Spliff Star - Mr. Uncle Do Wrong 02:57
(Produced By Lab Ratz)
15 Spliff Star - Where's Yo Stash 01:57
(Produced By Spliff Starr)
16 Spliff Star - Same Thing We Do Everynight 02:44
(Produced By Lab Ratz)
17 Spliff Star - Nobody Loves Me 03:43
(Produced By Eminem)
18 Spliff Star - Grandma Used To Say 03:30
(Produced By Mr. Porter)

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oh my GOD look at the

oh my GOD

look at the production... and this is JUST a mixtape? downloading now

real official good look

real official good look

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Must have! Bussin Crew

Must have!

Bussin Crew Sarajevo

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that beat produced by can tell its his...coz spliff has to sing on the hook so it fits.. good tape tho...i reckon most of these tracks will be on the album...produced from some pretty gd people,cant be "just" for the know? too goodah qaulity...

17 Spliff Star - Nobody Loves Me

that beat aint from em.... i heard that one years ago on a tape...the beat is old... i think it was ozone rapping over it....first of all

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It IS an Eminem Beat

I'm surprised nobody else has noticed it. I recognized that beat from anywhere...

Pops Died, didn't cry didnt knew him that well....<--- Jay anybody?

It's Moment of Clarity so yeah it is an eminem beat.

-Be Easy

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...yeah i knew it how you can tell how a dr dre, timbo and storch are produced by them...they stand out(their own stlye)...i knew i couldnt be wrong about eminem, people say he can't produce but he has a couple of strong beats...