Benja Styles & Larry Larr - The Philly Movement (We Run This) Vol 1


01. Larry Larr (Philly Hip Hop Legend) Intro
02. Meek Mill Ft. Gillie Da Kid & Cassidy < In My Bag (Remix)
03. Peedi Crakk < Slow Flow
04. Jakk Frost < Glaciers Of Ice Freestyle
05. Omilio Sparks < Watch Your Step
06. E. Ness < Blow My Mind Freestyle
07. Young Chris < You Dont Even Know
08. Will Smith < Big Willie
09. Charli Baltimore < P.S. (Prod. By Scott Storch)
10. Gillie Da Kid < Aint I Freestyle
11. DMX Ft. Freeway < Where U Been
12. E. Ness < No Love For Me Freestyle
13. Jakk Frost Ft. Star Mina < JakkÆs Scenerio
14. Hollewood Ft. Freeway < Get Out My Lane
15. Black Denero < Gangsta For A Livin
16. Gillie Da Kid < Flashing Lights Freestyle
17. Reed Dollaz < Certified Starz
18. Rosco P Coldchain Ft. Pharrell < Judge Me
19. Eve Ft. Robin Thicke < Fantasy
20. C.H.A.S.E. < Rhymes A Few Bars
21. E. Ness < Grill Em Freestyle
22. Gillie Da Kid < Haters (Do Your Job)


23. O.T. < Mad Izm 2008
24. Datz Ereelvent Ft. Rosco P Coldchain < Philadelphia Nightlife
25. Star Mina Ft. Jakk Frost < Well, Well, Well
26. Ted Dibiase < I Do This
27. Chelsea Lynn Ft. Omilio Sparks < Boyfriend


28. Gilli Da Kid, Bump J, Meek Mill, Peedi Crakk, Cassdy, Reed Dollaz, & Cyssero < A Milli (Benja Styles Extended Philly Remix)

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No Roots tracks?? Blackthought is the best MC in Philly "hands down" I bet no philly mc's will ever disrespect him!
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What! A Philly Mixtape and

What! A Philly Mixtape and JayJay Geminis crew aint on it! What the fuck! Them niggas...whooo!!! Ice Age 4 Life! Nah..Im bullshittin' I thought Ice Age was Mike Jones & The boys from Texas. Must be 'Two Sides' Put The Pressure On Em'

holy shit, is that e-ness???

holy shit, is that e-ness??? where the fuck he been?


A Sidekick, that's funny.

actually its not funnt white

actually its not funnt white nerd, what you just got one????