Big K.R.I.T. - Woodgrain Soul (The Un-Official Best of Big K.R.I.T.)


Previously: Big K.R.I.T. - K.R.I.T. Wuz Here

01 - In The Rain
02 - Mary Jane
03 - Roller Skaten
04 - Something
05 - Angels Freestyle
06 - Children Of The World
07 - Baby Gangsta
08 - I Aint Shit Freestyle
09 - Boast Or Brag Remix
10 - Exhibit K
11 - Ghetto Selfish Freestyle
12 - Players Ball Freestyle
13 - They Gone Hate
14 - Truth Is Freestyle
15 - Hood Fame
16 - Word Play Freestyle
17 - Somedays Freestyle
18 - 2000 And Beyond
19 - Just Touched Down
20 - Now Or Neva
21 - Everybody Sellin
22 - Dont Lose Count
23 - Pushin
24 - On My Grind
25 - The South
26 - Country Shit
27 - Krit Verse
28 - Ya Dealin Wit A Vet
29 - Prelude Freestyle

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Im pretty sure I got all of

Im pretty sure I got all of this but if you dont d/l now cause you're missing out, I gave a copy of "KRIT Wuz Here" to alot of people and they all said "who?" but days later they all said they been bumpin it nonstop since I gave it to them. And I know you can say the same thing about every "Best Of" album that has ever come out, but the songs "Pimp Tight", "Kingston", "Remember the Titans" would of been nice on here
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I agree I found out him thru ya post and its been in rotation ever since"Born-4-Struggle"

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dis nigga and smoke dza go

dis nigga and smoke dza go hard... "Jerzy - FLA - Pa"
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Smoke DZA got a new tape

Smoke DZA got a new tape coming next Tues called "George Kush the Button", the leaks Ive heard have been fire

The Best

KRIT is the best in the south in my eyes. Krit wuz Here is my fav album this year, not just for how lyrical it is but how fuckin' versatile the album is. Still bumpin that shit all the time. Plus he produced it all himself. Krit beat are so chill. He has come so far since Hoodfame...
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Damn it took you along time

Damn it took you along time to collect enough cans to get your internet cut back on, you should drink 24 oz instead of 40s so you get another can every time you drink
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is there any?

is there any old tapes he got out that is on point....haha@kobe mark!
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Yea I wish I remembered what

Yea I wish I remembered what tape me and Screw posted links to all his old stuff on, might of been the "Traps and Trunks" that KRIT hosted, but "King of the Queen, also known as "Hood Fame", "The Last King", "See Me On Top 1-3", look for a song called "Pimp Tight" that song isnt on any of his tapes but its a hard ass song, to me that is
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Pimp Tight

Here tell me what you think of this song
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sounds decent its some chill ride music def jam must think so also he got skills no doubt


LOL!! Man, you crazy. Nice joan.
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sound more like hes having a

sound more like hes having a stroke
bole420's picture

i was not being

i was not being funny he do got a deal with def jam....
chop76's picture

I thought he was sayin

I thought he was sayin cuz4life was havin a stroke, and a seizure choking on his tounge bangin his head on the floor and shit
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im gona check it out ill let u kno what i think thanx for lettin us kno its a proper download"A MAN WHO STANDS FOR NOTHING WILL FALL FOR ANYTHING"
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Thats some off the wall shit

Thats some off the wall shit rite there. Is that spam? what the fuck are ya talkn bout?


i know i get heat for dissin south rappers but this nigga is fire,ya'll put me on to him..thanx lol
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I dunno

I dunno if im feelin this too much, i can see as i look around im alone on this one lol.
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you not by you self

cuz 4 life put his mark on it he click clacked this shit....haha but nah if you already got krit wuz here its no need to d/l this


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Yall dont sleep on this shit

If you like KRIT, DZA, and that L.E.$. tape then check out Nesby Phips hes been on alot of Curren$y's songs
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Best of?

If this shit is the best of... where the fuck is "pimp tight"?

Pimp tight is crazy man.

Pimp tight is crazy man. But people don't know much about Krit. He is one of those dudes who has been kinda hiding because he pretty much does everything for himself. That is what makes him a real artist though. His music pre Krit Wuz Here is rare and hard to find. It's not like he has a website u can find all of his tracks.
bole420's picture

found some but,

found some but, they want money for his mixtapes or i was on the wrong site idk...
bluntsworth's picture

where is it??

Whats sup people. I see you all talkn bout the krit waz here album. And i know chop posted a fixed volume of the tape, but where can i get the original download?? I want surpream quality.
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KRIT Wuz Here is actually on

KRIT Wuz Here is actually on itunes for sale now, but I dont know if its any better that the one I fixed, I took it up to 320kbps mp3 even though Im not 100% sure what all that means, Ill look thru here now to see if I cant find the tape we posted KRIT's older tape links on
chop76's picture

K.R.I.T.'s older tapes

All the links are posted on this tapes comments
bole420's picture

hell yea!

hell yea i been lookn for some of his older shit...
bluntsworth's picture

cool got them tapes already

cool got them tapes already thanks to yall fools. Ill check out a song on i tunes, see if its different. You did a pretty decent job on the remaster tho.
bole420's picture

320kbps is

kbps is short for kilobits per second
chop76's picture

Yea but is that the best

Yea but is that the best way, the program I used would convert it to 120-320 mp3 or wav, abc and all kinds of shit I just dont know the best one, this is what i used, after like a week it tries to charge you to keep using it but if you keep the download just delete the installed program, clean your recycle bin, and reinstall the program, that might be cheap but Ive only used it like 4 or 5 times so fuck it[Masters_Edition_4.24___Key_Gen]-marty70
bole420's picture

mp3 and wav

it will work but 320 is a bit too loud for earphone use, but is perfect for speakers subs ect. but mp3 and wav is the lowest quality of the files. and its a countless of reasons why his tape was too low from the wrong synthizer being used to a bad internet connection and more this is a good free software for you to use

Crib goes hard

Crib goes hard, fresh music, appreciate dat.....Opionated world brings opinionated thoughts.....