Brand Nubian - The Gods Of Hip Hop (Mixed By DJ Books)


01 - The Brand Nu Truth Intro
02 - Mind Your Business (Grand Puba)
03 - Brand Nu Being (Brand Nubian)
04 - Wake Up - Reprise (Brand Nubian)
05 - Punk Jump Up (Lord Jamar, Sadat X)
06 - Are You Ready Verse (Grand Puba)
07 - Show Business (Lord Jamar, Sadat X Ft A.T.C.Q
08 - Stages & Lights (Sadat X)
09 - Original Man (Lord Jamar Ft Raekwon)
10 - Ya Know How It Goes (Grand Puba)
11 - Brand Nubian (Brand Nubian)
12 - Slow Down - Pete Rock Remix (Brand Nubian)
13 - I Like It (Grand Puba - Verse 1)
14 - What Goes Around (Grand Puba - Verse 1)
15 - Hey Woman Interlude
16 - The Lump Lump (Sadat X)
17 - Step To The Rear (Grand Puba)
18 - Don't Let It Go To Your Head (Brand Nubian)
19 - Alladat (Sadat X Ft Busta Rhymes)
20 - Love Me Or Leave Me Alone (Lord Jamar, Sadat X)
21 - The Fallen Question
22 - Deep Space (Lord Jamar Ft The Rza)
23 - The Same Slaves Interlude (Dr John Henrik Clarke)
24 - Proper Education (Grand Puba)
25 - Word Is Bond (Lord Jamar, Sadat X)
26 - All 4 One (Brand Nubian)
27 - The Return (Brand Nubian)
28 - Probable Cause - Original Mix (Brand Nubian)
29 - I Wanna Hear It (Brand Nubian)
30 - Wild Cowboys (Sadat X)
31 - Allah & Justice Outro

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Brand Nu

Brand Nubian is one of my all time favorite groups and although this mixtape has songs from their group albums as well as their solo albums I feel like I could have done a MUCH better job putting a Brand Nubian greatest hits mixtape together. Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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give us a playlist ive

give us a playlist ive always known about them but never got into them cause i didnt no wat to look for

For starters, Meaning of the

For starters, Meaning of the 5% should be the intro. Even though it's from one of Malcom X's speeches, it's a good way to sum up Brand Nu. n I can't believe this mix doesn't include Who Can't Get Busy Like This Man, then again that's just a personal favorite. But Step into Da Cipher, Claimin I'm A Criminal, Maybe One Day, Let's Dance w/ Busta, Back Up Off the Wall, Probable Cause, Love v. Hate, Straight Outta Now Rule, U for Me, Ain't No Mystery just to name a few. And of course the Travel Jam for the Buddha bless. It's a good mix, though. A lotta good ones were left out, but you can't get em all.
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Gigantic Playlist

True, you couldn't get all of Brand Nubian's songs on here but I think they could have had a better selection. As a matter of fact I would have left their solo songs off completely & just put the groups songs on here. Besides All For One, my favorite Brand Nu album was, hands down, Everything Is Everything. I agree they should've started with Meaning of The 5%, that's what the core of Brand Nubian was all about anyway. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...

crazy "gods" of hip hop?

****ima smoke until im high*****niggas who compare themselves to gods are obviously confuzzled.
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I don't think they named the

I don't think they named the tape. Even so, ever hear of gods and earths? Gods are the men of the 5 percenters and the women are the Earths.
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Who gives a shit and Im jesus!"Gods of Hip-Hop" is going a little far these people were good in their time but...when you mention greats, no one would mention them period
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5% Nation Of Gods And Earths

Google the subject and find out WHY they call themselves and every other Black man "god". Instead of ridiculing them for something you don't understand, research the subject to gain a better understanding of where they're coming from. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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Brand Nubian looking mad old in this pic! #5 goes hard az hell.
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They were Brand New? *ahem nu?* almost 3 decades ago.

The music out now is that bad that they have to come back to the rescue? Man Brand NU was Brand New in the late 80's early 90's, primed around 93-94 with "In God We Trust" and had a few other decent albums until 99 and vanished, 11 years later this?
I hope it's more of Tribute to the style of music they brought out back then and not an attempt to try and get back in the game, their last 2 albums flopped big time.
People just moved on.. but we probably need that type of style back the way things are going, but let Jay Electronica and other kats like him handle this new decade.
    [- -]
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I Disagree

Everyone has not "moved on". When you love hip hop and are a fan of a person or a group you don't just stop listening to them because they been rapping for a while. I have all their albums except one (Time's Running Out) & I will continue to support their music because they're still relevent to me. I'm not the only person that still listens to Brand Nubian either because I know quite a few who still rock the Brand Nu. Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...

Always. How is that Time's

Always. How is that Time's Running Out? That one I don't have either; I was kinda disappointed with Fire in the Hole. But i just looked it up and apparently the songs were originally recorded before Foundation dropped so I been think about getting it. edit: Time's Runnin Out is perfect! Definitely get up on that shit.
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Time's Runnin' Out

That album should have been released! I can't believe that one got held back. "A Child Is Born" is my shit! I thought they made that song for the America Is Dying Slowly (classic) soundtrack. Had no idea it was on an actual Brand Nubian album. Time's Runnin' Out is a great album, complete with the gritty production and all! Peace. ...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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well spoken

This is Hip Hop History its funny we have all these tools to obtain information and people still travel in the dumb, deaf and blind state of mind. I am sure real headz GET IT! Good Music still get a spot on the ipod for sure but I do agree a better track list could have been put together. Positive Elevation always causes Expansion! 09'
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Proper Education Alters Confusion Everyday!

...Central VA(-_-)Peace Up A Down...
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this takes me back a bit

i sure wish the dj had better mixing skills, i remember all the newyork radio dj's slaying most of these tracks on the radio...
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definate DL

cam_miami wrote:
i sure wish the dj had better mixing skills, i remember all the newyork radio dj's slaying most of these tracks on the radio...

throwback mixtapes...

Wow..some of y'all are very picky, lol. 'Mixing' is not the same as 'scratching' or 'cutting' we cut or scratch a lot during the mixes? Nope. Two reasons: 1. We're not turntablists nor are we tryin to cut too much to take away from the mix...mix. 2. It's a mix....we're more interested in mixing the songs together concisely in order to bring a more cohesive mix...mix. Our song selection was based on the group AND the individuals who made up the group. They broke up and got back together. Hence, their individual songs were also showcased too. Don't forget this is a "MIXTAPE"...if u want to hear certain songs then go SUPPORT the group. The throwback mixtapes are here to REMIND you of what came BEFORE. Go BUY the individual albums with the songs that u feel were unjustly left off and there u have it. I travel...spin all over... and believe it or not, I'm a popular mixtape dj. Also, I SEE U. See if DJ Drama or your weekly mixtape DJ will take the time out to address the people who give them a listen, which we appreciate...sincerely. Check out our catalog - - we do throwback mixtapes....period. How many DJ's u know rep for the classics & old school?...not many. Big up to the DJ's who rep the throwbacks!! One more thing...the intro song is Grand Puba MC'ing about how him and the group started out. It fit a mix showcasing Brand Nubian. Peace. DJ Books of The Thieves Theme Productions - defending his