C-Mal aka Aaayyoo - On Da Grind (Hosted By DJ 5150)



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01 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - On Da Grind
02 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Go Ahead N Hate
03 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - On The Road
04 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Full Blown Pig Ft Blonky Black Rob
05 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - A Hole
06 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Professional Ft Killa Klown
07 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Low Key Ft Black Chyna Dollz
08 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Bmf Freestyle
09 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Mo Money Ft Lu Dubb
10 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Sellin This O
11 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Give You A Ticket
12 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Middle Fangaz
13 - C-Mal Aka Aaayyoo - Everything I Love

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Hope C-Mal read this!

All I had to do was see your wack ass album cover to make the decision to pass on downloading this. However after further review I did elect to create a Mixtape Torrent account (thanks!) specifically for the purpose of assisting you with your next submital to the mixtape listening community. Look at it as constructive criticism from a knowledgable frequenter of the site and rap in general. 1)Lets start with who the fuck are you? Seriously get a street team GLOBALLY cause we are clueless! You may be tight in BROWARD FUCKIN COUNTY but not on Mixtape Torrents. Gotta get ya name out there before people wanna listen to you musically. However you do look like a dude I used to cop trees from sooooo you got that goin for ya 2)WTF is up with the album art?! Shit look like straight like a dude made it on his home computer with a bunch of dumb ass images. Really? Chronic? You aint Dre. Next time don't overdo it. Keep it simple...maybe a profile pic of yourself or maybe not. These two errors on your part formed my opinion of not even wanting to give you a listen. Work on it and get at me Deuces D


People like yourself are weak & a coward scared to pursue your own dreams. Instead of judging on a cover listen to the music first before you make your statement; Look in the mirror before you speak.