Ty Boogie - The Greatest Who Ever Done It #10

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One of the baddest blend DJs in the game continues with his The Greatest
Who Ever Done It party series, as Ty Boogie once again brings you another
round of party tracks, club hits & original remixes/blends.

Join all your favorite artists as this CD takes you on a high-energy mixtape
ride, perfect for club-goers & party animals alike.

This mixtape features new hip-hop / R&B / Dirty South club tracks + party
blends featuring Janet Jackson & Nelly, Ludacris, Chris Brown, Cassie,
Letoya, P. Diddy, Jagged Edge and more.

1 - Feel So Good (Party blend) - Remy Ma & Ne-Yo
2 - Pullin Me Back - Chingy feat. Tyrese
3 - Torn (Party blend) - Letoya Luckett
4 - Call On Me - Janet Jackson & Nelly
5 - Call On Me (Party blend) - Janet Jackson & Nelly
6 - Beat Drop - Monica & Dem Franchise Boyz
7 - Feelin You (Party blend) - 3LW & Jermaine Dupri
8 - Stunnas (Party blend) - Jagged Edge & Jermaine Dupri
9 - I Need A Boss - Shareefa & Ludacris
10 - Aint No Way (remix) - Chris Brown & Fatman Scoop
11 - Sexy Love (remix) - Ne-Yo & Joe Budden
12 - Where You At (Party blend) - Joe & Papoose
13 - Turn The Lights Off - Mary J. Blige & Jay-Z
14 - Me & U - Cassie feat. P Diddy & Young Joc
15 - Deja Vu - Beyonce & Jay-Z
16 - Entourage (Party blend) - Omarion
17 - Chicken Noodle Soup (Party blend) - DJ Webstar & Young B feat. A.G.
18 - Chicken Noodle Soup - DJ Webstar & Young B feat. A.G.
19 - Come To Me - P. Diddy
20 - My Swag - Jae Millz
21 - Diddi Bop - Red Cafe
22 - Mr. Me Too - Clipse
23 - Myspace Jumpoff - Grafh
24 - Ghetto - Busta Rymes & Rick James
25 - I Know You See It - Yung Joc
26 - Shoulder Lean - Young Dro & T.I
27 - Grill Em - JR Writer
28 - Why We Fly - Jim Jones
29 - Bad Man Foward, Bad Man Pull Up - Ding Dong
30 - Busy Signal - Step Out
31 - Dutty Wine - Tony Matterhorn
32 - Give It Up To Me - Keyshia Cole
33 - Outro/Info

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Ty Boogie is Garbage! Worst Dj Ever!!

honestly, i'm not just saying he's garbage for no reason. he is seriously the least skillful Dj this site has to offer. he's half ass and his mixing skills will make you cringe; like nails on a chalkboard. if you like blends, then you'll LOVE Dirty Harry. he's by far the most skillful Dj you can possibly find here on mixtapetorrent.com if you don't believe me, compare the two guys. you be the judge. there's a reason why each one of Dirty Harry's joints is considered a classic. if you don't already know why, see for yourself: Dirty Harry Mixtapes Red Dead Revolver, Rapid Fire, every one is a classic!


Dirty Harry is the best DJ I have ever heard on this site....just one question......does Dirty Harry do it in one shot? or does he have really good editing software....no disrespect to Dirty Harry but he is way to clean not to be "touched up"


Tyboogie is Awesome ,hes also ashante`s dj - you must be buggin he got skillz and hes got tons of cd under his belt .... .Stop hating and congratulate a niga on the grind.
shawngee's picture

You have GOT to be f#ckin' kiddin' me!

TY BOOGIE's mix CDs aren't worth the plastic they're burnt on. So what he's been around since the '90s? If anything, that's an insult; dude should've been able to learn how to blend by now. Oh, and those ain't CDs under his belt, homie...they're jelly rolls. He's one of the ugliest/sloppiest lookin' DJs around (not that has anything to do with the fact that he sucks). Lame ass cover, too. For the record: I don't care for DIRTY HARRY, either...

like it's cool that people

like it's cool that people are gettin' mixtapes on here but they need to section out the songs properly. it's not even worth downloading it if you have to fast forward to find what song you want. can someone just learn how to rip CDs before they attempt? i'm askin' too much. props on the upload, though. 419
Dj Rukiss's picture

Knock it off!

Yo this is of YOU and the other hatin replier. STOP IT, you can't do what he do regardless of how you hatin'. Obviously you don't know what it takes to actually put a commerial level mix cd together. Let me give a little hint, it's more than just rippin' a f%kin' cd. If you are on here trying to direct somebody's attention to ANOTHER Dj, stop ridin'. I am a Dj, I put out mixtapes, I KNOW how hard it is, I also see pimples like both of you who come to the club to hear the same shyt you just heard on the radio. So if you are fast forwarding the cd to hear YOUR favorite song. Go out and by that artist's whole cd...BIRD, whicha cheap azz, and stop downloading on this site. As a matter of fact they should make this site available exculsively to Dj's and real hip hop heads. Haters rights should terminated on the spot, read the subject dude, knock it off.

Ty Boogie do you!