Chris Brown & Tyga - Fan Of A Fan (Presented By DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar)


Tyga and Chris Brown team up to drop their new collaborative mixtape (untagged and in album format) entitled "Fan of a Fan", presented by DJ Ill Will & DJ Rockstar.

01 Intro
02 What They Want
03 Drop Top Girl
04 Dueces
05 No Bullshit
06 48 Bar Rap
07 Ballin
08 Middle Talking
09 Ain't Thinkin Bout You
10 Like A Virgin Again
11 Have It
12 Number One
13 Make Love
14 I'm So Raw
15 I'm On It
16 Movin 2 Fast
17 Regular Girl
18 Outro Talking

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rihanna killed that niggas career

chris brown is still alive?, i thought that nigga was extinct. i heard he tried to book a club for his birthday but they told him no cuz they didnt wanna lose their friendship with rihanna LMAO. that nigga shud be on suicide watch. Tyga is good but he annoys me sometimes with his flow, i like his cousin travie better. Imma download this to see whats up though.
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Meyhar I know you just

Meyhar I know you just downloaded that niggas cd, you fuckin r and b junkie. Fizzle Got that shit advertised on the right side of the page. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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shut the fuk up u lame ass nigga, yeah i do listen to rnb sometimes, Any nigga who doesn't is gay and doesn't get any pussy.
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You listen to R & B and you suck the cawk? So what does that make you? really really really flametardent fuckin gay? Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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thats your come back? u pussy. I should of never wasted my time replying to u. i can tell ur like 12, You immature lil nigga. your not hard, take that call of duty pic of ur shit bitch.
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nigga shut yo cryin

nigga shut yo cryin sensitive 2 pac biggy jiggy kim kardashian justin beiber fan ass up. ol bloomin onion smellin boomerang tossin at kangaroo hidin out the bush abarignee lookin ass nigga. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout
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mr young n sexy wrote:
Any nigga who doesn't is gay and doesn't get any pussy.
Gehayr, you just described yourself you fucking Outback fairy. Everyone knows you get skewered by the tribe more than shrimp on a barbie.

...Lay off the bong son

'the fuck u talkin bout?... " -The Fly One Has Spoken "

Mac101: RnB vs Gangsta Shit

mr young n sexy wrote:
shut the fuk up u lame ass nigga, yeah i do listen to rnb sometimes, Any nigga who doesn't is gay and doesn't get any pussy.
The man's right, I have to agree wit'em on that one. You can't jus listen too gangsta shit all the time. Real bitches don't wanna hear that shit. If she does odds are shes a "G-freak". Straight Up. " -The Fly One Has Spoken "
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LMAO yea

i thought his pr adviser told him to head ova to gospel, lay low, or die. mixtapez not bad. im just not a fan of chris brown and neva have been. its worth a listen tho. ---"Imma nice guy" *throws haymaker* had to soften u itz time to lay some pipe--

Its aiight... i guess

This kinda came from left field

Young Money Cash Money?

Is Chris Brown with Young Money/Cash Money now cause I see associated with all the members all of a sudden...His career is pretty much shit right now and the only way to surive would be to sign with a popular company such as Young Money/Cash Money in my opinion..In The Zone sucked balls why they feature a track from that album on this shit...

I don't like these two, but i'm pretty sure this shit go off!

These niggas got the same type swag, I ain't downloaded this shit yet but I'mma give it a listen and if I like it I'mma fuck wit it. " -The Fly One Has Spoken "

Pretty much

what you would expect when hearing who is on it. Nothing surprising aside from the Wayne feature that isn't listed. Main thing that surprises me is that Big UU gets top spot and this doesn't when it is an official tape from two way bigger names than Big UU, on a side note this tape is nice, 7/10 or sounding like an album.
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Real talk, I been waiting on

Real talk, I been waiting on this for awhile! I will be shocked if this tape sucks! I shall report back later!(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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Weak Bitch

I wouldn't waste my time or download speed on this bitch ass nigga. Fuck Cris Brown. Fight a dude, bitch nigga
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you know chris will jump on anybody's back right now lol
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I'm a Tyga fan big time. Kids got a ton of heart and drive (plus a rich cousin named Travis McCoy) and I respect that alot. Other than hitting a woman, I don't know anything bout Chris Brown. Gonna listen just to see if its any good.
Wisdom4Days's picture

To be honest, I expected

To be honest, I expected more from these cats! I expected it to be more hiphopish! Too much r&b for me personally. I still think it's worth the d/l! I rate it a 6.5 outta 10. And to all u clowns judging CB, shut the fuck up! He without sin cast the 1st stone!(How dare I "ball" when there's a kid in the world that won't eat tonight?)
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never would have thought it

never would have thought it but shit is decently good
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To The Fans...

For the people that couldn't wait for this to come out, good Tyga & Chris Brown fans that wanna see would these two are like together, or people who just wanna see with this is about since you have heard one or the other... It is not what you expect... Very disappointing mixtape.
d wEEZY 1's picture

not even gonna lie

ima dl and check it out. a fuck with rnb.
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Chris Brown's punchlines are

Chris Brown's punchlines are terrible & Track 7's chorus "I'm Ballin like a bitch" This tape gets a 0/10 for that one line.
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His last mixtape with dj

His last mixtape with dj drama was a great mix (7/10), Hope this one is good too
slimwiz101's picture

Hum... This is okay but

Hum... This is okay but wasnt no major impact like the other...
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Not a good tape;download and delate the same day. i give a 2/10.C.brown seems definitly loose when you listen this. "There's a war going on outside"
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well evrybody got they own opinion but i fux wit this tape --Music Keeps The World Turning-- --Lyrics Keep The World Yearning--
Bigxcon's picture

I thought?

I thought we were supposed to talk bout the mixtape .. fuck is niggas talkin bout .. the mixtape is fire .. worth the dl .. track 4 is sick .. if you like Tyga and good R&B, download! 8/10 Your Lady goes "Ga Ga" when I Poke-her-face ~~ Big Ron
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Stop your fucking complaintin

and just rate the damn mixtape bitch!!!

This MT is hot to me. Track

This MT is hot to me. Track 4 and 8 and 15 are the best. 8/10 for me as well.

FloFresh-ok Chris brown is

FloFresh-ok Chris brown is fukin awful but tyga is pretty good so this tape gets 6/10. Chris brown is tryin to make a comeback but his lines are wack. Its a bit of an embarressment to tyga. Ya boy
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ii must say

i wasnt a fan of cb's last cd,but i do like this one....tyga on the other hand(hot btw)..but #4 (dueces) is my fav track
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chris i loveeee this

chris i loveeee this mixtape, defo worth downloading ladies i have had it on repeat for dayssss now hahahahaha. love dueces, aint thinking bout u, and ballin like a bitch biggggggggggg defo one for the bedroom is virgin woop wooop. chris is back, and rihanna is a evil bitch for fucking him over like that.
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hey, hey, hey

Where I can get instrumental Make Love? Plz help!..