City Haze Presents City Lane (Street Album) (Mixed By DJ Modesty)


01 - Intro
02 - Dry Rain [produced by Risingson]
03 - For The Record [produced by Risingson]
04 - That's Love Ft. Catalyst [produced by Pot Belli Beatz]
05 - Hustlers Music Ft. Phene [produced by Risingson]
06 - Stare & Whisper [produced by TwoDeckz]
07 - The Big Knock [produced by Risingson]
08 - Brown Eyes [produced by Guilty J]
09 - Cest En Moi [produced by A.B.Y]
10 - Brooklyn Streets Ft Young-O
11 - She Need An Officer [produced by Beats Banging]
12 - Jekyl & Hyde [produced by Beats Banging]
13 - Talk To Me Ft Bunny [produced by Beats Banging]

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Hoboi got skwobbles.. All

Hoboi got skwobbles.. All love from Dub-V West Virginia stand and and show em' what it do like and stop Hatin" and Rep like Pat White and Steve Slayton..