City Haze - Star Of The City


01.(Intro - City Haze & Beatsmyth)
02.City Haze - Everything (Prod By. Dk The Punisher)
03.City Haze - Ghetto Soldier Ft.Apartment 6 (Produced By Dj Nice)
04.City Haze - Lost In Tokyo (Produced By Rza)(Scratched By Dub Floyd)
05.City Haze - Tell Me Whats Good Feat. K.O. (Prod.By Mike Blud & Andrew Lloyd)
06.City Haze - Rewind That Ft.Keenan West (Produced By Mike Blud)
07.City Haze - Fire (Produced By Trakksound)(Scratched By Dj Modesty)
08.City Haze - All Me Feat K.O. (Produced By Mike Blud & Brainz)
09.City Haze - Lovin It (Produced By Danny Chung)
10.City Haze - All About You Ft. Ld & Jhoni (Produced By Jimba Frosty)
11.City Haze - Dream Boy Ft.Levar Thomas (Produced By Jimba Frosty)
12.City Haze - Cant Wait To See Ya Feat.Jhoni (Prod By.Jimba Frosty)
13.City Haze - On My Way Ft.Levar Thomas (Produced By Andrew Lloyd)
14.City Haze - New York Shit (Produced By Risingson)
15.City Haze - Watch Me (Produced By Rooq)

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thatsthatshit's picture

Got some heat

Dont sleep on this dood. Got some good hooks. He kinda sound like wiz khalifa. 7/10 after 2nd listen. Who ever said crime dont pay, dont know what they talkin bout


il give a listen then..