DJ 2Mello , Dub Floyd And Lil Wayne - I Am Music

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01.Keyshia Cole and Lil Wayne - I Love You
02.Keyshia Cole - Should've Let You Go(Prod by Grand Larceny)
03.Keyshia Cole - Heaven Sent(Wayne Wilkins Rmx)
04.Keyshia Cole - Oh Oh Yeah
05.Gym Class Heroes and Lil Wayne - Don't Tell Me It's Over
06.Gym Class Heroes - Cookie Jar
07.Gym Class Heroes - Kissing Ears
08.Keri Hilson and Lil Wayne - Turn Off
09.Keri Hilson - Energy Rmx(Dj Cashis Kay)
10.Keri Hilson - Shake It Like A Dawg
11.Keri Hilson - Miscommunication
12.T Pain and Lil Wayne - Still Sprung (Dub Floyd Screamixx Exclusive)
13.T Pain - Church (Dub Floyd Screamixx)
14.T Pain - Fire
15.T Pain - Bartender Rmx(Prod by Grand Larceny)
16.Lil Wayne - Girls Galore(Dub Floyd Screamixx Exclusive)
17.Lil Wayne - Got Money (Exclusive Rmx)
18.Lil Wayne - Mrs. Officer(Worksessions Rmx)
19.Lil Wayne - Waynes World(Planet Rock)(Dub Floyd Screamixx Exclusive)
20.Lil Wayne - Don't Want It(Prod by Grand Larceny)
21.Lil Wayne - Comfortable (Dub Floyd Screamixx)

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fukn geeks

fuk all u first bitchs u cant say that shit now


i give it 1/10 nasty
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Can anybody else hear that

Can anybody else hear that vibration? Here come the stampede of haters...

weak ass mixtape

weak ass mixtape

these tracks are off the i am music tour

so its just a mix of them .. i seen them holding it down at universal at the gibson. that "he rap he sing" snippet goin around was recorded the night i was there.. overall, meh