DJ Lazy K And Lil Wayne - Lil Wayne On Demand Vol 2 (Last Man Standing)


1. Dj Lazy K & Lil Wayne - Intro
2. Lil Wayne (Exclusive)
3. Lil Wayne Ft. Jamie Foxx #1
4. Lil Wayne Ft. Keyshia Cole - I Love You
5. Lil Wayne Ft. Shawty Lo & Trey Songz - Got What U Need
6. Lil Wayne Ft. Keri Hilson - Turning On Me
7. Lil Wayne - Just Know That
8. Lil Wayne -Street Life
9. Lil Wayne - On Dat
10. Lil Wayne Ft. Chris Brown - Whenever
11. Lil Wayne Ft. Lloys & Young Keno - Things You Do
12. Lil Wayne Ft. Jadakiss - Death Wish
13. Lil Wayne Ft. Cassidy - Get More Money
14. Lil Wayne Jackin Swagga From Us
16. Lil Wayne Ft. Young Chris - In Paradise
17. Lil Wayne - Leanin Low
18. Lil Wayne - What We Need
19. Lil Wayne - I Feel Me
20. Lil Wayne Ft. Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda - Bang Bang
21. Lil Wayne Ft. Game - Red Magic

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wow by far the worst wayne

wow by far the worst wayne cd ive seen put out in a while like even the newest song on this is over a month old... lazy k was real fuckin lazy with this shit...
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Dis shyt old..i hate deez

Dis shyt old..i hate deez fake dj's..deez fake ass mixtape dj's
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Songs are old but LAZY K is a real dj my nig!
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5top playin $$$Mz.Pac-Man$$$
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This is some shit right here.. He's been going fairly hard on everything recently and now this? Waynes slackin..
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Ima break out my knee pads and go to town on some cock tonight!