Dub Floyd & Phene - This Is The Phenemix Vol 2

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01. The Intro (Prod. by Djay Cas) w/ Dub Floyd
02. Heroic (Exclusive Screamixx) w/ Marvin Gaye
03. Dreamer (PheneMix) w/ Akon
04. Feel Free (PheneMix) w/ Ricky Blaze
05. Onslaught (Freeverse)
06. Today (PheneMix) w/ Dre (Cool -N- Dre)
07. Hustlaz Musik (Prod. by Risingson) w/ City Haze
08. Mellodramatic (Prod. by Mellodramatic)
09. All My Life (Freeverse)
10. Gone (Prod. by Marcus Davis)
11. Saviors w/ Big Skeem
12. Runaway With Me (PheneMix)
13. Love Hangover (PheneMix) w/ Estelle
14. Chase (Produced by Grand Larceny) w/ Tenille
15. Ask Anybody (Prod. by Infamous Crate Diggers) w/ Dub Floyd
16. Much More (PheneMix) w/ Phil Nash & Yummy Bingham
17. Like A Champion (Prod. by Mazik)
18. Money, Power, Respect (Freeverse)
19. Everybody Knows (PheneMix) w/ John Legend
20. Rescue You (PheneMix) w/ Ryan Leslie 21. Holding Back (Prod. by Pezey Krack)

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Phene Phan

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