DJ 5150, The Empire & Muzikfene - Trap City 12 (Hosted By Alley Boy)

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1. Call DJ 5150 - 707.418.8437
2. Alley Boy - Finesse
3. Alley Boy - Tall ft Young Dro
5. Alley Boy Speaks
6. Calliope Var - We Got This ft Mr. Marcelo, Cutta
7. Lil Wayne - Veterans Day ft Birdman, Rick Ross
8. Mouse - Cartoon ft Shell, Lil Boosie,
9. Yo Gotti - Leanin ft Big Kuntry, Yung LA
10. ElDorado Red - Jugg ft Bolo, Slick B
11. RedRum ft Alley Boy - Get Em
12. Lil Phat - My Money ft Webbie
13. Cutta ft Calliope Var
15. Waka Flocka Flame - My Diamonds
16. Wacka Flocka ft M1 Milita - Goto School
17. Big Stackssss - Nose In The Air(Prod By Zaytoven)
18. Alley Boy - Flex
19. P. Money Bags - Standing In The Kitchen ft Big Stackssss
20. Lil Boosie - Antidote ft Yung Sleep(Remix)
21. Young Jeezy - Ha
22. T-Man - Grown Man ft Rocko, Young Ralph(Prod By Zaytoven)
23. Darryl J - Shift Gears ft Oohm
24. Alley Boy Outro

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bole420's picture

alley boy...

man im waitn on that alley boy... definition of f*ck sh!t/holiday and the empire that track called throw it up go hard if you like that raw gangsta shit fuck wit alley boy that shit drops later on today...didnt d/l this tho 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
dninc's picture

???? Alleyboy ????

This the same dude you talkin about? :
what he saying different?
ok beats tho
bole420's picture

alot diff

He sayn a lot more diff then them faggot ass mainstream punks who rap about what the ghost writer write for em check his lyrics his beats they ok nothing major but cats like halsted and machine gun kelly is over looked cause the weak mainstream shit underground always gone say more cause they hungry alley boy bringn back that gangsta shit not trap but gangsta shit check him out 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
dninc's picture


he have a good sound, i was on his page lettin the player play, once i got passed the Wacka Floppa inserts and the gucci drops it was aiight, imma keep an eye on him to see if he can remain consistent, lately nigga's come hard in the game and then fall into the Mainstream abyss once they get a few fans listening and then get lazy as if they made it.
bole420's picture

true dat

yea he fucks with gucci and wacka (damn) but yea them artist do get lazy i think they make so much money they be ready to spend and fuck off i seen were when TI got out he got on young dro for not workn he rather chase hoes and party cause his pockets got fat he dont wanna do shit but party with 20 G'S in his pocket he say its hard to be in the studio with 10 diff dimes blown his phone up and he got a pocket full of money... 'Rap is something you do. Hip-Hop is something you live.' -KRS-ONE
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Come on mfizzel I know its a

Come on mfizzel I know its a drought this week but you didnt have to bring this shit back up, you could post that El Prez--Animal Style right here thats a really good mixtape
Yung Screw 817's picture

You aint lying

mfizzel gets attached to some of this tapes have you notice?

big uppppppppppppppp mtl

big uppppppppppppppp mtl

That mixtape is decent but

That mixtape is decent but check out Flight Risk's new video for "Dodge Them" at
gotdat_paper_bitchs's picture

Fuck this tape boy is wack

GO HArd or GO HOme luv to my haters
GayTL_09's picture

Can't hate on this

da dude doin it, he steppin up the Trap rap grind, he addin a lil more to it like REAL LYRICS and shit, he still be talkin about some of the same shit but he do it better than Gucci OJ and Waka cuz he got a lot more lyricz then dem nikka'z, kats aint gone like it because they like shit simplified for them, like momma cuttin their meat for them n shit. [ |_-GAYTL CUZ ATL IS THE GAY CAPITOL OF THE SOUTH-_| ]