DJ Coolbreeze And Gucci Mane - Prison Break

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1. Its Showtime
2. Chuuch feat. Yo Gotti
3. Same Red Rag
4. Bubble Up feat. Remi
5. Money Aint Nothin feat. Gorilla Zoe
6. What U Finna Do feat. Smitty
7. Stunt feat. Tracy T
8. Freezer Burn feat. Yung Nell
9. Look At My Charm feat. Alley Boy
10. Hot Damn
11. Smokin Cush
12. What Up feat. Nickotine
13. Not A Stain On Me feat. Big Tuck
14. Pill Poppin Problem feat. Dem Hoodstarz
15. Obnoxious feat. Remi
16. Whatcha Doin
17. Pussy Nigga feat. Nicki Minaj
18. Julius feat. Yo Gotti
19. Mo Money feat. Yo Gotti
20. Yorkie
21. Type Of Chick I Like
22. Make Da Trap Say Aye Remix feat. Oj Da Juiceman and Camron
23. MI to The A

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This Summer IS going to FIRE........... Like tommy lee and pamela I'm fuckin on a camera More stamina than animals Gucci is no amateur Child who da damager can damage you and handle ya Two girls on my bike one on the back one on the handle bars Ferrari is 130 so I call that bitch tarantula Got canada on calendar so shout out to my manager I walked up in south africa I shot them bought 4 acura I flip it like a spatula