DJ Diggz, DJ Hood & DJ Grady - Harlem Heist 3

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01 Uncle Murda Feat. Vado, Cam'ron, French Montana, Styles P & Jadakiss - Warning (Remix)
02 Vado - Let It Burn (Fck Yo Life)
03 A-Mafia - My Side Of The Story
04 Vado - Key To Life
05 40 Cal - Everyday Freestyle
06 Sen City Feat. Jim Jones - M6
07 40 Cal Feat. A-Mafia - 40Th Boys 2
08 Jr Writer Feat. Roco - Grind & Go In
09 Cam'ron Feat. Vado - I Luv You
10 Jr Writer Feat. Cassidy - Rewind Back
11 Jae Millz Feat. Birdman - Kkkrazy
12 Ron Browz Feat. Busta Rhymes & Reek Da Villian - On My New Shit
13 A-Mafia - Wayne Perry
14 Cam'ron Feat. Vado - Soulja
15 Jim Jones Feat. Juelz Santana - 848 (Sex, Money, Murder)
16 Vado - Always On
17 Jim Jones - Freestyle
18 Juelz Santana Feat. Dose - Karate (Remix)
19 Vado Feat. Jadakiss - Check Em Out
20 40 Cal - Lock & Load
21 Jim Jones Feat. Meek Mill & Fred The Godson - I'll Be Back
22 Cam'ron Feat. Hell Rell - From The Bottom (Remix)
23 A-Mafia - Bloodshed
24 Vado Feat. Cam'ron - American Greed
25 Jim Jones Feat. Juelz Santana & Fred The Godson - Time Is Up
26 Juelz Santana Feat. Jim Jones, Cassidy & Swizz Beatz - My Hood
27 Vado - Freestyle
28 A-Mafia Feat. Jr Writer - Real Live Pro
29 Jim Jones Feat. Siren & Shoota - Chasin' Dough

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waelwondah's picture

what's wrong with him??

only 2 Juelz tracks.... boring with Vado and the rest.Gimme some Santana!!!!! "There's a war going on outside"

Nigga please!! Santana has

Nigga please!! Santana has not done anything relevant since 2005. Vado is that dude right now.


all these niggaz is garbage if u ask me. eastcoast hiphop fucking sucks period! fuck your punk azz feelings.
dninc's picture

Sad But true

Most Eastcoast artist wont get a second look unless they featured in a southern artist song. It use to be the other way around but ya'll let the world get a taste of the South and now the drink is tainted, everybody like the sound we bring, even if it don't sound good lyrically they got people in the club movin and in their car bumpin that seems to be all that matters.. Ask P-diddy why his shit don't sell no more he'll tell you because the South has this shit on lock and thats why he's tryin to get "DIRTY (south) MONEY" lol
waelwondah's picture

The South still dreaming

Do, you really think that this tape represent NY? vado,ect.... I hope you're joking. "There's a war going on outside"

Nobody is pointing out NY

Nobody is pointing out NY here but u bruh. I said "eastcoast" hiphop fkn sucks PERIOD! ...and so did the NOLA nigga under me.
waelwondah's picture

That's clear the Wu, BCC,

That's clear the Wu, BCC, Def Jux,ect.. are a little bit in silence;like so many BK and Queens masters.. Now i understand your point of view "There's a war going on outside"