DJ Drama & Cam'ron - Boss of All Bosses 2

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01 Intro
02 We Back
03 Always Made It
04 Point The Finger
05 Nuthin Like Araab Musik
06 U Right (Skit)
07 Stop It Slime
08 They Feelin Us
09 Bezel Up
10 A Mafia
11 They Holla Ayyo
12 U Right 2 (Skit)
13 Ohh Baby
14 Get Away
15 Nothing Personal
16 Movin Raw
17 Do Wrong
18 Lonely
19 U Right Part 3 (Skit)
20 Whistle

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been waiting on cam.......

fuck dem hustler haters...... FIRST of all i gotta say fuck the dipset haters..... some old and new dipset!!! {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
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The President

Dont want this in my Ipod and big up to DJ Drama ATL unite!!! My man TIP aka TI is comming soon. HaaaaaHAAAAA
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The President

By the way Gangsta Grillz you b@#tards!!

dam cam

bout time
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is this all new shit?...mY

is this all new shit?...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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Ya niggaz stop your rambling and rate this shit!
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stop your ramblin i asked a

stop your ramblin i asked a question before i download...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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Come on man, yall know that

Come on man, yall know that Cocaine 4 should have this top spot
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Cam goin hard

But i aint feelin the title to this tape.. i mean down here in tha south we know who the boss of all bosses is. no names needed. self explanitory.
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Thank you!

damn this made my night right here!!! Been waiting on this a long-ass while. Now if Drama would just drop that new Fab mixtape already...
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This is okay i guess? Good beats of course. Lyrics, eh? I think 5/10 is a good rating for this one.... I do agreed with Chop though. Yo Gotti belongs up here cause that shit iz FIYA!!!
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not so but

Not so good on some production but cam a real ass nigga overall I give this tape a 7/10 it has some good shit on here
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One of my favorites. Also one of da realist to ever do it! You ain't never heard cam doing that gay auto tune bullshit!!! Only homo's use auto tune!! I personally think he need a Tv show! Johnny C
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What about all that pink shit he use to wear? I thought that shit was pretty gay dawg.


you know real men wear pink! hahaha

This might be the hardest shit in 2010..... this shit tuff

This might be the hardest shit in 2010..... this shit tuff track 10,11,1 and 14 get it in stuck in that traffic
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I been waitin on this tape

I been waitin on this tape since last monday (the 1st release date(..... then drama pushed it back a week and now its here!!! the tape is fire.... i give it 8.5/10.... if ur a cam fan ur gonna enjoy all the new music... nigga is funny as fuck thou lol.... i dead ass joined the site juss to rate this tape..... nowwwwwww drama needs to drop the baby jesus of mixtapes(fabs mixtape)..... i'll be waitin on that 2... - The Chain Half A Mill.. A Car A Quater Mill.. Where I Been??.. WHERE YOU BEEN!?!?.. I Could Afford To Chill!!
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LOL@ Afford To Chill- You know Fab always has that slick money talk. The livest Rap and Street DVDs. Watch online FREE at

Thank the lord i been waitin

Thank the lord i been waitin for this shit....Hard as hell..I just wish cam would try more. It seems like he dont try as much anymore..Still hot though..


This mixtape is strong. Showing what cam could be if you keep pushing. Vado seems to be putting in work because cam is pushing this dude hard. Cam keep getting at them. Jim Jones and Juelz Santana wish they could be a part of this movement. With a little more pressure cam will become a star again no question. Keep up the good work. Good Luck. 9/10
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New Cam tape..shiit I

New Cam tape..shiit I already know its fire.

bout time

bout time they put some good shit on here none of that autotone bull shit

yesssir. dipset!!! we in da

yesssir. dipset!!! we in da buildin darealsteve-o
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Never really liked dipset,

Never really liked dipset, but I did download and give the whole album a listen. Not sure what it is, but I am just not feeling it.
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people with wrong ears

I don't know what is wrong with u ppl, do you even listen to what cam says??? he's GARBAGEEEEEE just because he's respected don't mean he can rap good. get it straight

this taps is wayy better

this taps is wayy better than the first. Really enjoyed this and I aint even a cam fan. Plus vado did a better job on than cam on this lol I give this a 4/5
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The tape is straight 3/5.. If you like Cam you'll like this. Vado reminds me of Juelz a few years ago. Dipset needs to promote A-Mafia more dat boy go hard...> Ppl dying in Haiti>>> Shit is crazy man..

yo anybody kno if mafia

yo anybody kno if mafia still locked up???? darealsteve-o

i thought i was da only one

i thought i was da only one dat thought vado sound like the 0-10 juelz. darealsteve-o
DaRealTalkOfNYC's picture

^^^ i was thinking the same

^^^ i was thinking the same thing... i think he juss came home... outta all the new new members of dipset i like a mafia the best... classic a mafia line (I STAY COMIN OUT THE BANK ALL U HEAR IS CHING-A-LING.. CHAIN BLING-A-LING.. MAD BITCHES ON MY DING-A-LING) haha... -The Chain Half A Mill.. A Car A Quater Mill.. Where I Been??.. WHERE YOU BEEN!?!?.. I Could Afford To Chill!!
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good shit

i fucks wit him...why haiti..ayiti pa peri
FGizzy721's picture

A mafia just recently put

A mafia just recently put out a couple new freestyles, one with Hell Rell. So he must be out of jail.
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and how da hell yo gotti get

and how da hell yo gotti get on top of da list over cam. was sumone on crack when they did dat. darealsteve-o
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r u seriouz?

The south runnin thangz boy. I THOUGHT YOU KNEW!!!

da south music aint shit.all

da south music aint shit.all they do is make music 4 u 2 bounce round 2 and get retarded.u already kno da north holdin dis music shyt down darealsteve-o

Gotti shit sound

like one long track. Bars and beats sound all the same. Wake me when one south rapper say's an original line. It's like rap for retards.

south say an original line?

south say an original line? u gon be waitin a decade cus dat shyt not gonna happen darealsteve-o

The south stuck on buying BS.

Record labels know they can feed the south anything. Why find good talent when you like Gucci mane. We can give you anything. We can thank the south for Soulja Boy. Lil Flip, Fake ass Rick Ross, Wacka and Gucci. Thanks for killing rap music.
Yung Screw 817's picture


cry me a fucking river dawg. if you dont like the south then do somethin about it. if not than just sit there and take it like a man and quit your bitching n crying!

florida where its at

florida got this music shit on lock anyone think diffrent you a hater or just dont know your shit we keep it live down here ya herd wild ass niggas doin wild ass things/ fla raw/ you want some real shit hit up FRANK LINIUM
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Can't offer much

Once again i tried to listen to Cam'ron, undoubtly he's "good" with lyrics, but i can't get into the way he flows with it, and track by track it never seems to keep me interested.., And dudes that wear pink don't get no love from me, i don't care what statement, originality or whatever the fuck they tryin to prove, i think most nigga'z that wore it wanted to see how it would feel to be out of the closet for a min (just my opinion).. Now that Phase is gone, i wonder if im right.
I love music from all over the place, i just find where he's from, between all the artist in New York, he slips near the bottom of the food chain, he'd better keep the acting gig going, i don't think he's gonna last too long in the rap game doing the same o'le shit.
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I feel the same....

Killa is nice with his but i do feel the same bout the way he put it together. Vado its always the same thing. Beats are ok but same pace & tempo most of the time. In my opinion.....7/10.
NFLallday's picture

Killa came through

I dont really fuck wit NY cats to much but ya boy came through on this one. I had to change my ears a lil bit so I can feel it. V12 did his thang too and thats the best Young Dro verse on # 11 that I heard in a year.

yea dats how da dips do it

yea dats how da dips do it son. darealsteve-o
burnupdapiff145's picture

dipset dipset dipset 5/10

dipset dipset dipset 5/10

If killa ain't the best who is

Is a banger just cause its the homie killa my man been killing the game since the late 90's that's a decade plus on ya favorite rappers
Yung Screw 817's picture

Cant b Seriouz!!!

I can think of like 50 other rappers that are better than this dude. Killa iz aite but he aint all dat. He sounds pretty decent but i dunno, he just not givin it his all like he use to anymore. Lets just put it like this... If it was'nt for Drama producing this half of you niggaz would'nt be here joccin this. This shit would of had like 5 comments and then forgotten.

tryin to be scarface....u

tryin to be scarface....u fag. ill cum on camrom