DJ Fletch & The Empire Present Lil Wayne - Rap Phenomenon

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01 Lil Wayne Power
02 Lil Wayne Feat. Kanye West Dark Fantasy
03 Lil Wayne Feat. Swizz Beatz Monster
04 Lil Wayne Feat. Rihanna & Cassie What's My Name
05 Lil Wayne Feat. Nicki Minaj Your Love
06 Lil Wayne Moment For Life
07 Lil Wayne Feat. Lloyd Set Adrift On Memory Bliss
08 Lil Wayne Harlem Streets
09 Lil Wayne Feat. Lloyd Up Out My Face
10 Lil Wayne Still Not A Player
11 Lil Wayne Bomb First
12 Lil Wayne Hits From The Bong
13 Lil Wayne I Wanna Get High
14 Lil Wayne Feat. Bobby Valentino Party In The Usa
15 Lil Wayne Feat. Kevin Rudolph Tik Tok
16 Lil Wayne Like A G6
17 Lil Wayne Whip My Hair
18 Lil Wayne Feat. T-Pain Better Not Fight
19 Lil Wayne My People
20 Lil Wayne Feat. Birdman Throwed Off
21 Lil Wayne Mc Hammer
22 Lil Wayne Blowin' Money Fast
23 Lil Wayne Feat. Trae Hard In The Paint
24 Lil Wayne Wood Grain Wheel
25 Lil Wayne Walk Wit A Dip
26 Lil Wayne Feat. Drake Franky
27 Lil Wayne Feat. Mannie Fresh International Player's Anthem
28 Lil Wayne Swang
29 Lil Wayne Feat. T-Pain Can't Tell Me Nothing
30 Lil Wayne You're Gonna Love Me
31 Lil Wayne Feat. Gucci Mane My Kitchen

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this actually looks good and

this actually looks good and wayne's last empire joints were the shit ill download it
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seeing some new stuff..DL

seeing some new stuff..DL for sure
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All recycled verses on new beats.. Waste of my time. Whoever made this should be shot.
AuToMaTiiC x 1904's picture

Whoever listens to Wayne

Whoever listens to Wayne needs to get shot..."Get Flown OVER"

Had to make this account

Had to make this account just to say damn this is so much garbage I need to delete it immediately.. don't waste your time and I agree the dj should b shot.
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the fuck?!?!?!?1

this dewd aint no where close to biggie n pac's level and yall gave him a 'rap phenomenon' mixtape??? SMFH.. [I'd rather bang Screw!!]