Lil Wayne - No Ceilings No Walls 4


01 - Lil Wayne-Ym Salute Feat Lil Twist Lil Chuckee G
02 - Lil Wayne-Gonorrhea Feat Drake
03 - Lil Wayne-Shades Ft Diddy Justin Timberlake
04 - Lil Wayne-I Am Not A Human Being
05 - Lil Wayne-Girl Like Her
06 - Lil Wayne-Right Above It Feat Drake
07 - Lil Wayne-Yeah Ft Ti
08 - Lil Wayne-Loyalty Ft Birdman Tyga
09 - Lil Wayne-Light Up Feat Drake And Jay-Z
10 - Lil Wayne-Spit In Your Face
11 - Lil Wayne-No Love Feat Eminem
12 - Lil Wayne-Miss Me Feat Drake
13 - Lil Wayne-Everything Red Ft Game Birdman
14 - Lil Wayne-Fresh I Stay
15 - Lil Wayne-Back To The Money Ft Bg Birdman Ma
16 - Lil Wayne-Currency Feat Trina And Rick Ross
17 - Lil Wayne-My Generation
18 - Lil Wayne-Just Feel It
19 - Lil Wayne-Whip Itt
20 - Lil Wayne-Fuck Me In The Mosh Pi
21 - Lil Wayne-Im Single

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I don't see a single new song.
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all old if u aint got none

all old if u aint got none of this kill yaself sn: plz stop posting old shyt thanx
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Why even release the EP if you do this.....

If you haven't listened to his EP, then this would be an amazing download!! But if you have, then don't bother.... ever single song on here is good. REALLY good. This is honestly his EP, plus shout outs, and a couple songs on other Mixtapes(getting really sick and tired of seeing 'No Love' and 'Fresh I Stay' on everything. Good songs but super over-used.) Just quit putting out the same shit and go nuts making songs once he's out! You know some good shit been brewin' in his head while he was there lol And also, enough with these cartoony artworks! Lets see more like No Ceilings!!!!!
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the real super 8?

so Lil' Wayne is what's locked in the train..?? I KNEW it....!!!