DJ Keyz And Lil Wayne - Waynes World 5

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1. (00:01:04) Lil Wayne - Whippin' Like A Slave
2. (00:00:35) Lil Wayne - Bad
3. (00:01:08) Lil Wayne - Soo Woop
4. (00:01:06) Lil Wayne - I Get It In
5. (00:00:56) Lil Wayne - Money To Blow
6. (00:02:06) Lil Wayne - Salute
7. (00:01:28) Lil Wayne - Always Strapped
8. (00:03:35) Lil Wayne - My Darlin Baby
9. (00:03:18) Lil Wayne - We Be Steady Mobbin
10. (00:04:53) Lil Wayne - Kobe Bryant Freestyle
11. (00:01:01) Lil Wayne - Come On
12. (00:00:49) Lil Wayne - Heard Em All (Rmx)
13. (00:01:09) Lil Wayne - Young Niggas
14. (00:01:26) Lil Wayne - Revolver
15. (00:01:31) Lil Wayne - Another Planet
16. (00:04:11) Lil Wayne - Million Dolla Baby
17. (00:00:53) Lil Wayne - Forever
18. (00:04:20) Lil Wayne - Ready
19. (00:01:02) Lil Wayne - Play In My Band
20. (00:03:53) Lil Wayne - Told Y'all
21. (00:01:10) Lil Wayne - Ups & Downs
22. (00:00:38) Lil Wayne - Stupid Remix
23. (00:04:27) Lil Wayne - I'm A Go Getta
24. (00:03:26) Lil Wayne - Fix My Hat
25. (00:02:51) Lil Wayne - Politics
26. (00:01:02) Lil Wayne - Sacrifice
27. (00:01:02) Lil Wayne - Let's Chill
28. (00:00:53) Lil Wayne - We Like The Cars
29. (00:02:00) Lil Wayne - The Leak
30. (00:01:42) Lil Wayne - Rollers & Riders
31. (00:02:48) Lil Wayne - Girls Forever
32. (00:00:58) Lil Wayne - Invasion

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old old old but i fuck with wayne

Murder DJ Keyz

You Slackin.. everything on here is play'd out !
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Weezy F


ok ok

x-Mz Fi0NA-x wrote:
1st time a lady comment on here... hit me up sometime shawty u look sexy ight.
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Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban

Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II (With iTunes Bonus Track), get that shit on pirate bay now! Yall need to be bumpin that new Krs-One and Buckshot Survival Skills album!!! If you like good shit that is!
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for the heads up on the bonus track chop.
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Its a fire song also, its

Its a fire song also, its called Walk Wit Me. But that Krs-One & Buckshot is better if you ask me, its one of the best cds that Ive heard in awhile. This is something I found and I thot I would copy and paste it here so someone else could read it cause everybodys always talking bout what "real" hip-hop is..................................... One of the biggest things working to the detriment of Hip-Hop is hardly any one outside of the culture knows or cares what it really is. For example, people can identify the basic elements of Rock music, Jazz, or Blues, but what is “real” Hip-Hop remains a mystery to most. For the most part, anything young and urban is considered Hip-Hop by the mainstream, regardless of whether it is actually a part of the culture. Those of us who do know and care about it usually don’t have the same opportunity to shed light on the culture as those who have gotten rich keeping it shrouded in darkness. That’s why it’s so reassuring that the Temple of Hip-Hop exists. Though the use of the word “temple” implies religious affiliation, it certainly is not some kind of cult. The Temple of Hip-Hop is simply and organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Hip-Hop culture. The Temple is also the only Hip-Hop organization backed by originator Kool DJ Herc, and pioneers Afrika Bambaataa, Grand Master Flash, and founder KRS-ONE. As a result, it is quite simply THE authority on all things Hip-Hop. In keeping with the goals of educating the masses about Hip-Hop, KRS has taken selections from his lectures at college campuses and Temple locations about the culture and compiled them into one CD called The Fondamentals of Hip-Hop. With this collection of selected lectures, he teaches about what Hip-Hop is and is not, working to hopefully remove the confusion surrounding this continually evolving culture.
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... i was on it

have been rocking krs ever since probably about 92-93... when brad told me thats where he got his knowledge from i figured i should check it out and found BPD... i just define it (hip hop) the same way i heard it back then... "i know because of KRS-One"... true hip hop better teach me something other than about your paint job, your drugs and what else you have, even if all your learning about are the true feeling of a person... now i could probably add just about anything in place of KRS, since i have probably been searching for knowledge in all forms ever since then, although not many other rap artists names will fit there.
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Raekwon's album is classic,

Raekwon's album is classic, need i say more? OB4CL2 go support real hip hop. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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Stop private messaging me faggot and.....

I never said i downloaded anything from pirate bay, that was somebody else, second mixtapes are free so i don't pay for them, that is why all of us are here, third the last time i bought an album was 9/08/09 and that was Raekwon's album, the only thing i download online is the leaked albums, just like when you buy a car, you want to test drive it before you purchase it just to make sure there is nothing wrong with it and you don't waste your money, so if i like what i hear then i will go support it and if i don't well then i just keep my bootleg. I like my music in 320kbps bc that is the best quality shit and most leaks online are not so that's another reason i buy albums. And the real question is how do you have money?, bc i know you don't get paid to blog and bitch on this site all day. You sure do have a lot of time to be up here when you own a construction business that you have to run and you got to sell drugs in the "trap" to all your white customers. Oh wait let me guess, you have a laptop installed in your dump truck right? Or did you get laptops installed in your "huge car collection" too? Just keep making a fool of yourself it's very entertaining for all of us read. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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oh,oh you betta call your patna gaygay to come help you out cuz im bout to smash on your marky mark lookin azz once again boy! real tuff behind the keyboard huh? askin me how i do thangs when im online. I WANA KNOW HOW U PUT IN WORK FOR THE BLOCK WHEN U BEEN ONLINE SINCE 8AM MR.GANGZTA DICIPLE!!! i wana know that?? bitch wigga quit stunnin like you gankzta when you aint! and look at your avatar.. you look mad broke!! trailor trash like a muthafucca! i doubt you can afford a fucking candy bar! Mr. white chocolate.... LMFAO!!! fool you a muthafuckin joke!! punk azz whiteboy writin essays ramblin like he knows wha he talkin about tryin to be like all this critics. you and chop are a couple of fuckin dumbass's. And i'll pm you all i want boy and you cant do shyt about it! matter of fact im bout to rightnow. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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Why in the fuck do you think

Why in the fuck do you think albums leak before they come out?? You think theres someone sneaking every cd thats bout to drop out of a studio?? Or you think they do it on purpose so they get the streets talking bout there album before its even out yet, there was alot of people talking bout blueprint 3 weeks before it came out, the shit is free advertising just like these mixtapes are. American Gangsta was on the streets atleast 3 weeks before it came out because Jay-z "accidentally" left a copy in his hotel room and a bell hop found it, come the fuck on man! And it still went platinum! I just happen to be one of the ones hyping the shit before its out yet, so really Im doin the artists a favor.
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And by the way you really

And by the way you really got some fuckin issues dude, first you took a pic of another man and put lipstick on HIM and now your stalkin mixtape torrent takin notes on how long people have been online. How the fuck do you know how long purpsmoke has been online unless you were on here watching???
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Listen here Bob, You can try and make urself look like you really buy this albums but we both know you dont. We both know you download them and listen to them so much you get tired of them and never buy the real thing. Me i like to be surprised. I like to buy an album bcuz i like the rapper and i wana support him for puttin in he's heart & soul in the studio 4 us (the fans). And if the album turns out to be shitti o-well, maybe next time. Alotta ya bitch made niggaz are the type to limit your fav rapper. He's the best when he goes platinum. Nex year he goes gold now all of the sudden his wack, a bitch, and a lame. Wigga if u wana support hiphop DO IT! and dont just run your dick suckin lips about it. YOU PUNK SQUARE WIGGAZ! ya dont know shit about our muzik word up. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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And dontworry about how long i stay in the matrix old man. I never ask or bitch about how long you stay in unless you bitchin about me. You have the right to be logged in all day bcuz you the one payin ur bill not me. Your lil brother marky mark is the one bitchin about it like im borrowin he's computer or some shit!!! Bitch dontworry about it and move the fuck on! Go shoot somebody, go pull a drive by you big bad Gangzta Diciple muthafucca. Fucking lame azz wigga. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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I sure wish you knew how to

I sure wish you knew how to read so I wouldnt have to try and explain everything to you. Or maybe that you understood the words you were reading. And I know that gangsta shit wasnt directed towards me, I have never said I was in any kind of gang. I personally think gangs are full of people that felt weak standing alone, Im sure theres some hard ass gangstas but Id have to believe 95% of there members and people that are just wanting to fit in somewhere. I dont want any help stompin your bitch ass I can do that shit myself, 3 or 4 on 1 doesnt make you anything but a bitch, but thats my opinion
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I dont read ur comments dawg. I told you already.. u bore me!! And i was'nt callin u a gangsta. Believe me, u no way near a fucking BG. Your whole style iz weak and str8 homo! And plz dont try to explain shit to me cuz guess what? .......I DONTCARE. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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Come on if you didnt read

Come on if you didnt read them how would you even know what to reply, you're way to easy to back into a corner lil dude. And what do you even know bout my style, cause I said I like Kid Cudi? Or cause I told you to listen to some Curtis Mayfield and some David Ruffin and get some of that hatred out of your heart. Just keep my fuckin name out of your posts and Ill leave your bitch ass alone!
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chop76 is a homo

yeah bitch i said it what! bring it son. i got nothin but time just like u. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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So now Im suppost to get mad

So now Im suppost to get mad and pound my keyboard or something?? I might care if I havnt spent half my life up in some pussy. Your really missing out cause pussy is great, maybe if you got alil you wouldnt be such a bitch. Just go find you some bitch thats been passed around like a blunt, there easy targets and you seem like you need all the help you can get.
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Atleast theres someone else

Atleast theres someone else on here that understands that hip-hop isnt just rap. The shit Wayne is trying to do now was done a long time ago with bands like Sublime that you mentioned, and 311 and Rage and nobody seems to remember that Ice-T had a heavy metal band called Bodycount that he rapped over some heavy ass rock. I dont see how people can only like half of a culture and act like they know all about it. But it seems alot of people are closed minded when it comes to music, and only want to listen to the shit thats going to make them look cool at a red light.
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Actually a good post

Sorry to pop in.. but props on the good post, usually i just sit and read these types circus of post now but this one i'll tag as a good one.., even threw in some facts
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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I know it was against the

I know it was against the lions but 6 fuckin touchdown passes!! Drew Breeze had your boys lookin like champions out there today
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Yeah. i was excited until.

Yeah i was excited about until reality set in and said "oh yeah this is Detroit", But i don't even think Detroit ever got beat up on that bad especially around opening their season up, So Drew Bree's took them to the wood shed on that, but Lions have a nice QB they can build around, and their running game was giving us headache's, our D Stepped up their game tho, after the game was a distant memory for Detroit i thought our coach would take Bree's out and put Brunnell in, Nope, looks like Sean Payton aint fuckin around this year and playin nice guy 'lean up off em' this year.
Real Challenge coming up next sunday, Eagles!
Saints and eagles have a long rivalry, we always have some close tough games, and i fear that more because Saints always seem to come out of those types of games with injuries, we left this game with injuries but not bad.
Our new Defensive coordinator gregg williams might show off those new play schemes he claim he has been holding back on, Defense looked TOTALLY different, well improved, made me start lickin my chops lol
Yeah if we come out of this eagles game with our limbs in place and a "W" imma go and claim this year "OUR YEAR".. even though they wont have Mcnabb or Vick for QB
[-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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it's what make you

culture, and not just your own, you need to learn about all peoples cultures... part of that is music... Bodycount turned alot of people on to rap, people that would have never heard it... i used to have the original pressing burned on my shit before i lost it the first time... i got it from a skin head, i mean he had been in for 2 5 year bids so that helps someone along, but still when he told me he had the original Bodycount i was like "for real shit, you"... that same guy gave me an original skunk 40oz that i still have, even sublime turned alot of punk guys onto reggea, and hip hop... like you said many people have done the rock rap thing, way better than the current people..
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1993, Judgement Night

1993, Judgement Night soundtrack!
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Mixtape is old. 757(Virginia

Mixtape is old. 757(Virginia Is 4 Hustlers)804
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When will he get old.. he

When will he get old.. he needs to change his hair. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The Artist Resource For PRINTING, GRAPHIC DESIGN, CD DUPLICATION, DIGITAL DISTRIBUTION & MORE!

U toddler azz nigg's need to

U toddler azz nigg's need to chill..1st off what if the internet stayed stagnant like most of u faggot's would like rap/hip hop to be... jus to be 100 nigg's can do what they want u don't have to like it..but respect it...2ndly remember run d mc wit aerosmith walk this way wasn't that not only rock but more heavy mental so the isht been around this nigga 1 of the few to try different isht he'll wayne has gave the street alot of bangers thru out his career,been f'k'in up lately but like i said plenty of hit's..i can't front i really don't f'k wit wayne that much but i give a look every now & again..when come back to the streets fulltime u nigg's will be on his dik again..
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1st, i have never been on wayne's dick, so it would be hard to hop back on... 2nd are you even reading the posts, i would have to agree that "walk this way" is not the best example... but look up there go find bodycount, go find the track "cop killer" and tell me that isn't the most gangster shit you ever heard... one of the only songs to be banded ever.... like chop posted, Judgment night soundtrack, that is the shit as well, the point like i think that both of us are trying to say is that alot of people on this site tend to only listen to rap artists or artists who directly work with a rap artist, while just by listening to the beats that are made i know the rappers themselves are listening to all kinds of music not just rap... Look at Screw, talking shit on Elton John and then saying that the new "Cuban Linx" is the shit... i don't think you could really say both of those if you listened to the whole album.
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These young motherfuckers

These young motherfuckers read shit like they listen to music, they only take what they want out of it. If you wanted to bring up Run Dmc you could atleast started at the begining with there first album, a band called Orange Crush and them had a song together called Rock Box, and they were on the same lable as the Beastie Boys, which is who gave Run the idea.
Yung Screw 817's picture


Not everybody is as old as your wrinkle azz. You be bringin up shyt from the late 70's early early 80's and then run your DSL's cuz niggaz dont know? Wigga that was your day, this our day homeboy! Instead of talkin so much crap tryin to kick knoledge about hiphop when you aint even blk, whiteboy... Go out and get a job you broke basterd! SUPPORT HIPHOP by buying the album and quit downloadin shit from pirate bay....... fucc boy! ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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The real yung screw

So what are you sayin, fuck the history?? And what does being black or white have to do with hip-hop? Dont you know the beastie boys have done more for hip-hop than your boy Wayne ever will. And not that I have anything to prove to you but I have a job, and Im not by a computer at all, I just happen to be wiring a church thats close to my house so I go home for lunch, how do you have a job if your always on here to keep tabs on everybody else, with your 20 minute reply times like you just sit there hitting refresh over and over. I should post that private message you sent tellin me about your day cause that was really some funny shit. And by the way I took a pic from your myspace and used it as my avatar to help get my street cred up.
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I respect The Beastie Boys they are one of hiphops pioneers yes. But c'mon give my boy Weezy some cred. Weezy revive hiphop when nobody was doin shit for it! Weezy been doin his thang since he was 12 and he still on fire!! Where the fuck iz the beastie boys now?? Hate it or love it Weezy have mad skillz. Who the fuck iz you to b judging rappers anyway? GET YOU SOME TALENT THEN JUDGE PPL YOU BROKE NO JOB SLEEP ON YOUR MOMMA COUCH BITCH WIGGA!!! ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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When did Wayne revive hip

When did Wayne revive hip hop?? I must of missed that one. And I never said he was bad, I didnt say he sounds like hes crying when he raps, or that I think hes doing to many drugs and his mind is frying like Ozzy Osbournes, or how he kisses grown ass men. But if I did it would just be my opinion. He had two fire albums, carter 1 and like father like son. Theres been a few songs since then that I like but hes by far one of my fav rappers, Juvenile would fuck him up any day of the week. But I have to admit he has skills, hes good at rappin with the beat, he just never makes any since if you listen to what hes saying. And if you respect the Beastie Boys then how come you cant respect that white people can like hip hop, I like the band Sevendust even tho there lead singer is black, I never said he shouldnt be singing hard rock. And the Beastie Boys have a new album called The Hot Sauce Committee that was suppost to drop tommorrow but I think it got pushed back, but you can find there new song, Too Many Rappers featuring Nas.
Yung Screw 817's picture

old hag

2 good albums? C1 & Father like Son?? What about "The Block Is Hot"?? That was the album that put him on the map! C2 was sick! and how you gon forget C3??? didnt he won like 10 gramys with that one?? I think you just a Weezy hater dawg. And i got mad love for Juve but c'mon dawg... lol!! ...And he's muzik never makes sense to you cuz u too old mane. You an ol'skoo cat. Speakin of ol'skool that pic is real mature chop. Are'nt you like 33yrs old??? Get tha fuck outta here with that goofy shit dawg... lol! You too old for this site str8 up. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
chop76's picture

So are you saying that Wayne

So are you saying that Wayne is better than Juve? And I think Juvenile put Wayne and the rest of cash money on the map. Like I said I dont think Wayne is Garbage, I just dont think he should be anywhere near a best rappers list......And you know the pic is funny, you just wish you thought of it first and used it on JayJay but your best idea was to put lipstick on him. You're right tho, its kinda immature, but Id rather be alil immature than a whole lot gay.
Yung Screw 817's picture


Weezy is better than Juve. Dont get it twizted i got mad love for my nigga but Weezy way more talented. It dont take a gineus to see that. And as much as Baby might suck he really the one that put everybody on the map... And how you gon say he should'nt be anywhere near the best rappers list when all the best rappers come to him just to sell more records?? C'mon mane. Is obvious you just a weezy hater and you not seeing skill. Thats why i always say ya crackaz dont know shit about hiphop cuz ya dont! specially you, you middle age rat basterd! always tryin to kick knoledge and dont have a clue of what your talkin about! Ya whiteboys dont know the difference from trill niggaz and entertaiment. Go listen to your kid cudi album you downloaded from pirate bay since you too broke to buy the real thing and kick rocks buddy. And fyi, that gaygay pic i didnt make it. Go like 200+ pages backwards and read the comments. That homo gaygay is mad popular and have mad fans up in here. They even make pictures for him. All i did was "save picture as". GOOFY AZZ WHITEBOY. ------MoSt-HaTeD->
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How does havin an opinion

How does havin an opinion make you a hater?? How many times did I say I didnt think he was garbage. And if Weezy is trill and not entertaiment then why does he just mostly do hooks on everybodys shit. I really do get tired of repling to you, you start shit then try to play the defencive and then send a private message. Stop sending me your daily diary! I dont give a fuck if you go to subway, should of took your bitch to Quiznos. I would ask just ONE of your "FANS" to speak up but I know it would never happen anyways.
Yung Screw 817's picture

nuff said

chop76's picture

You have got to be the

You have got to be the dumbest motherfucker I have ever talked to in my fuckin life. I dont even know how you make it in the world when you dont understand anything you fuckin read. Since when have you been trying to make ME understand anything, you act like the other comments never happened and try to flop shit, Im starting to think you're a woman cause of the bitch type shit you do(like all the private messages, men dont do that type shit). All you have been doing is trying to defend Wayne, and I keep saying over AND FUCKIN OVER that I never even said he was bad, just nowhere near the best or one of the best, and you got your size 22 panties in a wad. You keep making your self look dumber with ever comment you post so keep repling cause your only hurting yourself with the shit you say. And not that I own you anything, but I grew up in a neighborhood called Cherokee right by Orange Mound, I used to get 2 for 15 dime bags from Lamar Circle when 8ball's mom still lived there, but you dont know nothing bout that shit. And you're the most hated but in the real since of the word, you make people HATE you, not hate ON you.

say homie it don't take a

say homie it don't take a genius to know about rappers that crossed over to other genre's of music if u listen to those bands/groups in that era,besides thats prolly the only hip hop whites liked at the time so don;'t generalize the topic,by saying people stuck on one u can like what ever music u like thats cool ,but jus because the nigg doing rock dont mean the shit bumpin..i listen to gym class hero's..plain whtie tee's,haystack..lil wtye, fighters ,smashing pumpkins..nine inch nails..some of it's good some ok ..some definitely it's about wat u like ...the same niggs talkin about the music stuck in a time's 09"...if i said tone loc..hammer...d-nice..69 boyz...kwame..and all those guys been did the same isht niggs hate on today but was in the era of so called real hip hop...yeah im still learning u nigg's something..lay off the white brother man ..least he aint closed minded...but i am the one to talk about lay off***"learn better,do better"***

u rite homie ..nigg been on

u rite homie ..nigg been on that isht ice t all them cats..old scholol ottis redding ,delfonics,four tops,commodores,the dells,betty wright,dramtic's,frankie beverly & maze,de la soul..native tongue' sheep ..leaders of the under i realize the influence homie...everything is sampled now a days thats y kanye so popular as a producer isht that nigg go way back and get isht..jus blaze to every body so rap usually is not created off of rap per say 50 % of the time ..but like i stated b4 cats act like a certain genre killin hip hop gangsta rap would have in my opinion ..***"learn better ,do better"***