DJ Whiteowl, NY CEO & Lil Wayne - New Orleans Nightmare 10 (The Final Chapter)

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1. American superstar
2. Big spender
3. Juelz santana - nuthin'
4. I got the power
5. Lil wayne ft nicki minaj - high as a kite
6. Lil wayne ft french - we made it
7. Murda musik
8. Lil wayne & t.i - brand new (remix)
9. Freestyle
10. Lil wayne ft gym class heroes - white girl
11. Nas - rich boy & john legend - ghetto rich (remix)
12. Dope money
13. Speaking on album leak
14. Can't wait
15. Like this
16. Sittin on the block
17. Lil wayne & oun p - get ya money
18. Freestyle
19. Freestyle
20. The world has everything
21. Interview
22. Rick ross - young jeezy & trick daddy - luxary tax
23. Im fresh (off dj whiteowl - ace mccloud - j bezel - savior to the city mixtape)

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finally some new weezy is here!! really think this is the "final chapter"?? ..probably just the name of the series, if that

nah this wont be the final

nah this wont be the final chapter....he just cant run out of things to say

Nah it a wrap, just like

Nah it a wrap, just like Wayne World. Real DJ know they can't keep doing wayne mixtape especially with his album coming out this month I think.


fuck a mixtape dj, this is old re hashed shit once again with the odd newer tune(4 new tunes max) ,FUCK THIS AND FUCK A MIXTAPE what a waste of time WEEZY RELEASE A FUCKIN ALBUM OR LOSE FANS WITH THIS GARBAGE


Why would wayne lose fans? is it his fault DJ's keep putting out mixtapes with the same songs? He doesnt run up to DJ's and tell them to put him on there mixtapes, and their covers-he's just that hot. You can't get mad at the dude because DJ's feel like recycling his old shit on new mixtapes, and calling it NEW.

Your an ignorant fool. This

Your an ignorant fool. This is anything but garbage, it's rhymes that he thinks of on the spot, how could it be garbage? They make sense, and flow with the beat. Your just an idiot trying to look smart, but failed.
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wayne is fire alot of new shit on this mixtape, end of the new orleans nightmare chapter?? wonder what white owl is gonna put out next...

fucking dmbass banshee what

fucking dmbass banshee what is whiteowl gunna put out now shit check his resume he's got alot of series runnin you dumbass whiteboy real talk and like that WE OUT

this fuckin torrent wont

this fuckin torrent wont download....everytime i click tha attachment it goes bak to tha i want this mixtape....been waitin for it

just tested, it works

just tested, it works


Fucking stuck at 99.8 some one fucking seed this shit.

an updated torrent was

an updated torrent was uplodated, re-download the torrent theres like 700 seeds now


Anyone have links to any site that has them? I want lyrics for the this freestyle to be specific, one of the best beats and freestyles yet.

good tape good cover/this

good tape good cover/this series is the best

Final Chapter? Bring That Shit Back

Can't Believe White Owl actually ended Nightmare On Elm Street.. This had to be one of best Wayne's Mixtape series.. Damn.. White Owl Stop Droppping Nd start putting out Nightmare. This is were its att For Real