DJ Laser Presents Shyne - The Son Of Sam


01 Dear America Intro
02 The Life
03 What You Gonna Do
04 The Gang
05 More Or Less
06 Commission
07 Bad Boy
08 No More Trouble
09 Shine
10 Sittin' At Home Remix
11 Bonnie N' Shyne
12 Keep It Gangsta
13 Godfather
14 Free Style Session
15 Jimmy Choo
16 I Changed My Life
17 By Any Means Necessary
18 Life Of A Brooklyn King
19 Diamonds & Mack 10's
20 Here With Me
21 Niggaz Gonna Die
22 Cash & Hydro's
23 Gangsters Dont Die
24 That's Gangsta
25 Cocaine
26 It's Over 112 Now
27 Fuck These Bitches
28 Confessions Pt.2 Remix
29 For The Record (50 Cent Diss)

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cant wait for dis nigga.....

cant wait for dis nigga to drop an album.
๑۩۞۩๑ Mista-843 ๑۩۞۩๑! (south killalina)
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Comment about the mixtape not your lame azz wishes! ist good or not!?

Nigga suck asss..

Nigga suck asss..
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gatt damn

the life is the best song of all time
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Is any of this shit new? i know he just got released but these all look old. is it worth d/l? lemme know
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dis a real ass nigga. im

dis a real ass nigga. im still dn wit Shyne, fuck diddy!!!!
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this mixtape is a mix of his old and new shit. Def worth a download for any hip-hop fan. Can't wait for Shyne to blow up and bring the old style back to life. 8/10 Waving automatic guns at nuns since 1989
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Very Decent tape

Got a couple of old mixtape tracks on here, but they are good selections, and since he wont have new tracks out for a min, this is a decent compilation of some of his Old and all of his new tracks.
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