DJ Rukiz - Shyne: Life After The Club


DJ Rukiz stirs up the industry with this new exclusive Shyne mixtape.
This mixtape is CRAZY with tracks from Def Jam's #1 recruit and also
hip-hop's most wanted artist. This mixtape is loaded with 37 exclusive &
unreleased tracks, PLUS classics, freestyles, interviews from Shyne...

1 - Dear America
2 - More Or Less
3 - What You Gonna Do
4 - Interview, part I
5 - Best Of Me Freestyle
6 - Bonnie & Shyne [studio]
7 - Bonnie & Shyne [original]
8 - It's Mine Freestyle
9 - Can't Belive Verse
10 - Die Right Here
11 - Gangsta Shit
12 - Bad Boyz [studio]
13 - Bad Boyz [original]
14 - Freestyle
15 - Confessions [verse]
16 - You Ballin'
17 - Be Like Me
18 - Their Ain't No
19 - It's Over Now Verse
20 - A Choice
21 - Sittin' Home Verse
22 - Boyz Will Be Boyz
23 - Notorious Verse
24 - Freak Tonight
25 - R&B Freestyle
26 - Behind Da Walls Verse
27 - Lay Low Freestyle
28 - Next Episode Freestyle
29 - "Xxplosive" Freestyle
30 - 2000 Freestyle
31 - Interview, part II
32 - No More Trouble
33 - A Real Story
34 - Fuck These Bitches
35 - All The Love
36 - That's Gangsta
37 - Interview At Hot 97 (w/ Angie Martinez)
38 - Commission
39 - Outro


it wont go past 89.8%

i cant get my bittorrent or bitcommet to go past 89.8% on this cd... what happened?

Hope it doesnt happen to me...

Man this my man Shyne.. gotta get this on my comp. Any one who can seed. Ill seed after its over cause you gotta share talent like this. Keep your head up Shyne!

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Gr8 upload but i can't download link...can u plz seed and reuplod this...Thanks THUG LIFE 4 SHIZZLE!

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chill ya mofuckas, i'm sure

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