DJ Furious Styles And Shyne - 25 To Life Plus 9


01 - The Re-Birth Of Shyne Intro
02 - Whatcha Gonna Do-
03 - Shyne Talks About The Trial
04 - Edge
05 - The Commission
06 - Shyne Speaks About The Club Shooting
07 - Shyne
08 - Diamonds & Mac 10's
09 - Drawing The Hammer
10 - For The Record
11 - That's Gangsta
12 - More Or Less
13 - Karma Is A Bitch
14 - Bad Boys
15 - Brooklyn Bitches
16 - Sittin Home (Rmx)
17 - The Understanding
18 - Changed My Mind (Rmx)
19 - Bonnie & Shyne
20 - Freestyle
21 - Shyne Outro

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Shyne is the shit!!

Shyne was the shit before bluff crappy set his ass up! I was looking forward to him being a force in the game for years! Fuck p-diddy hes a bitch and aint nobody liked his shit! Hes hot cause he sucked biggies dick. Lone $tar Dynasty
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Shyne Po

Dis nigga Shyne better come bak home to Belize where his pops is the Prime Minister. ..By da way wen will he be released When I was pint sized West Coast was the shyt. Now What happened over 17years?
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This Website

Really Needs a Rating system.. It would really help so that the people that don't feel like posting can at least leave a 1-10 rating to the albums. I listen to this and man.. Im giving it a 4. because i like Shyne, he's got some skill, But he betta not come with this type of shit when he get back into the game, i dozed off.