Lil Wayne & DJ Drama - Dedication 4

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01 Lil Wayne - So Dedicated (Feat. Birdman)
02 Lil Wayne - Same Damn Tune
03 Lil Wayne - Cashed Out
04 Lil Wayne - No Worries (Feat. Detail)
05 Lil Wayne - Mercy (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
06 Lil Wayne - Burn
07 Lil Wayne - Amen (Feat. Boo)
08 Lil Wayne - Get Smoked (Feat. Lil Mouse)
09 Lil Wayne - My Homies (Remix) (Feat. Young Jeezy, Jae Millz & Gudda Gudda)
10 Lil Wayne - Green Ranger (Feat. J. Cole)
11 Lil Wayne - I Don't Like
12 Lil Wayne - No Lie
13 Lil Wayne - Magic (Feat. Flo)
14 Lil Wayne - Wish You Would
15 Lil Wayne - A Dedication

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great tape

ye uno! wayne - more shit at DAMNN
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His new music is really bad

His new music is really bad i dont like it same dirty words he should back to his old style more like Dediction 3
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this what i waited for?

mixtape was alright he went in on a few track wish you would my fav independent artist uploud ya tapes at we hood good


Way better than D3, I'm impressed that it was an improvement, hit me on twitter @Louietrax
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im not even a Wayne fan and i gotta admit, this is the hottest mixtape ive heard in YEARS, Wayne did his damn thing on here, all jacked beats but lyrically this gets 10/10 from me, like i said i dont fucks wit Wayne but i gotta give credit when its due # KEEPINITABUCK

I knew

I knew you come around one day, it was just a matter of time. lol
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what you talkin about Screwy lol, i never went nowhere my dude, im on this site 3-4 times a week downloading mixtapes, i just dont be commenting anymore, i never went anywhere but im glad to hear you missed me haha


Wigga dont nobody give a shit about u! Im talkin about u feeling weezy. U use to always talk down when i gave props to wayne on previous mixtapes, now u like the nigga lyrics?? Bout time u come out the closet kid lol.
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It's gangsta grillz u

It's gangsta grillz u bastards
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Not impressive...

As a fan of DJ Drama...I feel he laxed 2 far bakk on tha actual djing side..he used 2 scratch & brake shit down and even made sum garbage sound like halfway decent shit..but he just put a beat on & let eveery1 but wayne get off on this mixtape...but we all hav our own opinions...*414 n da bill'din!!*

A Dedication

It's not bad, it just feels like he made this shit 2yrs ago and decided to go pull it from under the mattress and release it. Still fire though, but when you got Black Hippy,A$AP MOB and other niggas on the come up its hard to listen to the same shit. My favorite Wanye song is still "Lights Off" .
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I like how the mixtape is

I like how the mixtape is covered in my Dday Milk. Remember, it's not a bad thing, Dday Milk is a great source of nutrition as it's filled with vitamins, minerals, and jammed packed with Vitamin A, B, & Seed. But take note, rancid Dday Milk will melt the flesh straight off your bones.

funny how this is the only

funny how this is the only mixtape ya'll allow comments on. this shit weak and true bloods don't wear skinny jeans and skate.

thats shitz hot son

thats shitz hot son
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garbo smh

garbo smh


Shit's Whack!!! He only dropped it because its what real Wayne fans wanted. But we wanted that old weezy not the same old garbage hes been puttin out since he said he was gonna be on that rock shit on D3... Completely out of the norm for a dedication also dropped over a year after weak ass Carter IV its supposed to be a dedication to tha carter. Overall he's now one of the most over rated rappers in the game.

Ima give Wayne some credit

Ima give Wayne some credit He jumped on damn near every hot beat that came out this year but he aint do shit on none of em. If somebody like pusha or anotha nigga who can spit would of made this tape it woulda been classic. 10/10 for the beats. but 1/10 for the lyrics
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Dam wayne.

I agree lyrically this was very disappointing.The beats ove course was hot. the mercy beat come on wayne should of killed that.they put nicky on that talking about dick.You cant bang that in the whip.pusha's cd lambo was good and the fear of god was awesome.theres competition out there .So if wayne wants to be on top he needs to bring back his A game .

This shit was not what i

This shit was not what i expected! should be called "Disappointment 4" Big sean's mixtape is definitely on doe!
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The first few tracks jammed.

The first few tracks jammed. But soon he started going back to simplified word play. He needs to go back to Dedication 1, Drought 3, and No Ceilings


he needs to go back to hot boyz wayne
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Mixtape was garbage. Just a

Mixtape was garbage. Just a trukfit promo...pass on this one.