DJ Testarosa And Lil Wayne - Yung Money 3


1. Lil Wayne Feat Fat Joe & Ron Browz - Winding On Me
2. Lil Wayne Feat Chris Brown - I Got Paper
3. Lil Wayne Feat Khao - Girl Dont You Do That
4. Lil Wayne - Ghetto Youth Verse
5. Lil Wayne - Benja Styles Remix
6. Lil Wayne Feat Swizz Beats - Up In The Club
7. Lil Wayne - Street Life
8. Lil Wayne - Deathwish
9. Lil Wayne - Freestyle No Dj
10. Lil Wayne - So Magical Remix
11. Lil Wayne - Breaktime
12. Lil Wayne - Supplier Verse
13. Lil Wayne - Make A Toast
14. Lil Wayne - Song Cry Remix
15. Lil Wayne - I Can't Miss
16. Lil Wayne Feat Young Keno & Lloyd - Things U Do
17. Lil Wayne Feat T Pain - Live (BONUS)

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O yeah

Thanks for this one im posting it now. Yall keep exclusive mixtapes!

Weezy get some new shit fag

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IT'S GONNA BE A MURDA !!! w w w . z s h a r ( Neo Retro ) w w w . z s h a r ( G Exclusive ) w w w . z s h a r ( Day N Nite ) w w w . z s h a r ( Party People ) w w w . z s h a r (Half & Half ) w w w . z s h a r ( Monkee Business ) w w w . z s h a r ( The Bad, Ugly, Goon ) w w w . z s h a r ( ThunderKats ) w w w . z s h a r ( Hustle Session ) w w w . z s h a r ( For The Lover ) w w w . z s h a r ( Boon Docks ) w w w . z s h a r ( iSouljaBoy ) w w w . z s h a r ( TRU Fiction ) w w w . z s h a r ( Heart Break ) w w w . z s h a r ( G Classic ) w w w . z s h a r ( BKLYN ) w w w . z s h a r ( Scary Movie ) w w w . z s h a r ( Pure Genius ) w w w . z s h a r ( Amigos ) w w w . z s h a r ( Pologrounds ) w w w . z s h a r e .net/download/51603963c5dc4c3b/ ( New New ) w w w . z s h a r ( Relax, Ride Out )

I like this

A LOT WOW. My first time on this and this site is tight

Jessica A

Jessica A is the only mixtape website because the rest have less mixtapes and they dont get updated every hour like dis site. i stopped watching BET and MTV2 since i discovered this website. If u asked me which songs are on T.V. I wouldn't know bcas I would have heard whatever tracks u talking bout months b4 they made T.V. or Radio on


no questions asked best rapper alive

gobble gobble gobble

break out the wet wipes, here come all the dick slurpers! yall should all start shooting up heroin just like this fagot Gayne!

real talk

i downloaded then deleted.. this shit aint worth the time it took to download. even tho its free.. it sounds like some bullshit that aint even fit for the dick ridas. wayne is commerical as fuck. its OFFICAL. this nigga dun fell off. if you still think this nigga the best rapper alive/ a real hood nigga you dick ridin down to the balls. i admit. i downloaded but it was only outta hope that he would put out some real shit. fuck this clown. im out.
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3 bottles of vodka outta 5

This promo is mediocre. I saved 8 tracks out of 17. Highlights to me were 8 and 14. New shit to me. So raw cuts if you throw out 55% of the album, not to many shot outs, thats important to me. Cuz Empire probably one of the best who mixes Weezy mixtapes, but his lame verbal injections like "Empire" and "Where did you get that" 4 ruin the hell out the album due to him doing this 3 times per two verse track.


ilove this site . officiallyyy .

This aight but a lot on this

NOt bad

dis shit is from wen ah

dis shit is from wen ah nigga was 2 years old get dis shit outta here

lil wayne still good rapper

lil wayne still good rapper but horrible style.lyrics dont mean much,usual bulltish.not a great mixtape.


molvis wrote:
lil wayne still good rapper but horrible style.lyrics dont mean much,usual bulltish.not a great mixtape.
im with u on that i used to love wayne but now im startin to get a lol sick of him i started listen to chamillionaire, not that nigga is sick.

the worst weezy mixtape ever

this is really wack there isnt a good tune on it the mixing is wacker than the wackest wackness fuck a mixtape dj ya heard


Yal hate on wayne and this tape when you now its hot get a life this is fire weezy will never let his crown go bitch nigga

that's wuts up

That's wuts up,I'm feelin that young money s**t We Mississippi boyz Get jigg. "Shout out 2 all my eastside niggas"
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Really Long Song On Here

Winding On Me is 17 min 43 Seconds long...i dont know how, but it is...anyone else notice that?