DJ Noize & I-20 - Interstate Trafficking (Mixed & Destroyed Special Edition)

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01. I-20 - Intro
02. Ludacris - Move Bitch (ft I-20) (Classic!)
03. I-20 - Gorilla Shit (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
04. Young Keno - Real Nigga Society (Remix) (ft I-20, Joe Moses, Mr. Smith and Roccett)
05. I-20 - Don't Blame Me (Prod by DJ Pain)
06. I-20 - King Hustler (Prod by Trakk Sounds)
07. I-20 - Break Bread (ft Bone Crusher and Ludacris) (Classic!)
08. I-20 - My Swag (ft Ludacris) (Prod by The Heatmakerz)
09. I-20 - Work (Prod by Buckwild)
10. I-20 - 100 Percent (Prod by DJ Pain)
11. I-20 - Critics (Prod by Trakk Sounds)
12. I-20 - We Got (Classic!)
13. I-20 - Bout The Money
14. I-20 - Fightin In The Club (Classic!)
15. I-20 - I Really Like Her (ft Ludacris and Rocko)
16. Ill Child - Oh Yeah (ft I-20)
17. I-20 - Freestyle
18. I-20 - Bury Me (Prod by Salaam Remi)
19. Ghetto the Plug - Anything (ft I-20 and Jacki-O)
20. I-20 - Riding Around (ft Ludacris)
21. I-20 - Life Is Short (ft Freeway, Dox Diggla and Goga) (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
22. I-20 - The Eulogy (Prod by Dirty Dunnz)
23. I-20 - Outro
24. I-20 - Dreamer (Prod by Trakk Sounds) (Bonus Track)

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I-20 is auto D/L for me his

I-20 is auto D/L for me his first album was Str8 raw been waiting for another
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Yes yes i agree i 20 is that

Yes yes i agree i 20 is that nigga


Nigga ain't been hot since "Move Bitch" hit the radio. Ever since then fuck'em. " ...BIAATCH! "