DJ Rob E Rob Presents - The Official Fabolous Mixtape

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1. Intro
2. Imma Do It
3. Breath
4. Breath (Rob E Rob Wasted Mix)
5. Computer Love
6. Make Me Better
7. Throw It A Bag
8. Rockin That Thing
9. Makin Love
10. Shawty Is A 10
11. Girl Got A Girl Friend
12. Dueces (Remix)
13. For The Money
14. Can't Deny It (Rob E Rob Mix)
15. One Day
16. Fuck You
17. Jay Z(Interlude)
18. Make You Know
19. Ride For This
20. Some Niggaz
21. B.I.G. (Interlude)
22. Right Now
23. Get Right
24. You Be Killin Em
25. Forever
26. Say Ahh
27. When The Money Goes
28. Super Woman
29. Trade It All
30. Can't Let You Go
31. I'm So Into You
32. Everyday Everywhere
33. Baby
34. How We Get It
35. Get Right
36. I'm Ill
37. Youngin
38. I Usually Don't
39. Take You Home
40. Girls
41. It's Alright
42. Kiss Yo Ass Good Bye
43. Keep It Gangsta
44. Body Ya
45. Gangsta
46. Real Talk
47. Swag Surfin
48. Lemonade
49. Lloyd Banks(Interlude)
50. Lights Out
51. Do The Damn Thang
52. Side Ways
53. Diamonds On My Damn Chain
54. There He Go
55. Gangstas Don't Play
56. Pachanga
57. I Miss My Love
58. 1st Time
59. It's My Time
60. More Than Love
61. Click And Spark
62. Think Y'All Know
63. Now Ride
64. Now What
65. The Bad Guy
66. It Gotta Be Thug
67. Suicide
68. Tonight
69. Church
70. I Aint In Love
71. Don't Stop, Won't Stop
72. Outro

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It's A Nice mixtape LOSO DID HIS F'in THANG! CHECK IT OUT! PEACE! cut and paste for my free mixtape. thanks!


Keep doin ur thang ROB E ROB. U right now iz the only DJ I'm reppin with rite now, because all them other DJz iz makin the same TRACKS on a different cover fam. That BEANIE SIGEL & FABOLOUS (72 trackz) is tha best $#!T right now!!!!!!!!!!!! GET at me!!(FaceBook:kendawgz Bronx) 1
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In case you didnt know so...

Lot of nice tracks on here! If you aint a Fab fan you need to step it up. Check this tape out if you havnt heard all this yet...
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72 tracks!!

Man, fuck that. I'm not downloading this shit...... $$$$$ ONLY TIME CAN TELL $$$$$
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Good shit right here. 4/5
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Goode shit right here. 4/5

Goode shit right here. 4/5