DJ Rob E Rob Presents - The Official Trey Songz Mixtape

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1. Intro
2. Invented Sex
3. I Wanna Rock
4. Say Ahh
5. Say Ahh (Rob E Rob Mix)
6. Paper Planes
7. Hard
8. So Fly
9. Just Wanna Cut
10. Can't Stop Missing You(Mix)
11. Can't Stop Missing You
12. Do You Think About Me (Interlude)
13. Girl All Around The World
14. Sun Rise
15. Does He Do It
16. I Need A Girl (Rob E Rob Mix)
17. Neyo Interlude
18. Successful
19. Buy You A Drink
20. Ride
21. Day & Night
22. This One For You Girl
23. Lemonade
24. Hood Love
25. What Ever You Like
26. Freaky Deaky
27. If It Ain't About Money
28. Thriller
29. Off Into The Sunset
30. Brand New
31. Girl Tonight
32. Gotta Make It
33. Gotta Go
34. Ooo
35. Cheat On You
36. First Date Sex
37. Sex For Your Stereo
38. Give A Lil Love
39. Beat It Up
40. Bed
41. Thug It
42. Hood Love feat. Mary J Blige
43. Neighbors Know My Name
44. Like A Boy
45. Fades Away
46. No Make Up
47. She Ain't My Girl
48. U Can Get
49. Lol
50. Supplier
51. Murder She Wrote
52. 50 50 Love
53. Can't Help But Wait
54. Thats My Word
55. Give Ya
56. Gets Down
57. Girl Gotta Girl Friend
58. Bed Bath Beyond
59. Hustla
60. Summer Wit Miami
61. Massive Attack (Interude)
62. Love Safari
63. Comin For You
64. Window
65. Jupiter Love
66. Trapped In The Closet
67. One Love
68. Outro

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ChitownRussian's picture

official? was jackin for

official? was jackin for beats official? i dont know what to think about the 60 some track mixtapes, they are definitely unique, but one verse per song is suspect, i am gonna check this out, see what it does to these dumb hoes that microwave pizza and eat kiwi fruit with the skin.
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so whats...

Your verdict on this mixtape?
IStillHatePosers's picture

shit got a nice mix

my wife will love this shit on the way to wet willies tonight. 8/10
ChitownRussian's picture

It is real decent I think,

It is real decent I think, if you into R&B aka soft shit. No heavy drops, thats love! It would of been better if I wasnt riding on E. I got through 30 tracks in no time I give this joint a 7.5/10
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Nice mix...

Trigga is nice, but this is all pretty old if youre a Trey fan... PROUD AS HELL TO BE AN AMERICAN! HAPPY INDEPENDENCE TO ALL THIS WEEKEND!
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Trey can't sing

After that BET music awards performance, i came to the conclusion dude can't sing, he a studio artist, i don't know if he was nervous or what, but that was horrible, i thought BET put on a crying sheep when he put the mic to his mouth.. Before that Performance i woulda put him up there with Usher.. now i think that Justin Bierber toddler would give him a run for his money lol..
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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Not a true honest talent with some of his vocals. He's no Kelly, Brown or Neyo, but you gotta admit he can flow and tear up some beats with his remixes??? PROUD AS HELL TO BE AN AMERICAN!
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If his Vocals are sent through a series of Software plugin's to clean him up and give him a shorter or longer range than he really have.. Shit they need to just start perfecting the SAM/ Voice from Text Software so all producers have to do is type some shit up, and let the computers sing or rap, i think that Era is coming soon, with everybody being satisfied with Computer generated tweaking, why the fuck we wasting our time with Humans and paying them all the money?
      Reppin that *504 and 813*
* I Bleed Black and Gold, (20-10 Saints gone make noise again) *
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No shit hun? Shit will probably happen one of these days... PROUD AS HELL TO BE AN AMERICAN!

Trey Songz is DEFINITELY Not

Trey Songz is DEFINITELY Not a "studio singer" He performs on MTV Unplugged Live Singing Some Of His Song and you could still hear the same soul he had in his track still performed live ... Youtube The Video ...
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Just wondering why would you not include the inside cover with the track listing in this post?
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Damn! you guys showing no

Damn! you guys showing no mercy to this lil -a. I disagree. This tape has the least drops I have seen in awhile - opposite of empire-he is sooo fuckinm annoying. This dude says some ghetto shit like yo wifey's favorite dj, kinda funny, but the tape is structured like if you with a project chick you should listen to the first 20 tracks or so, thats where all the hype is. But I really enjoyed the blend track 28 and on,(is that beanie sigel beat on track 28?) second part is way more laid back. Bottom line if you have a bitch that sits in your car and you trying to lay pipe, this unit will hypnotize the bitch subliminally. Or if smoke and just feel a european and want to hear some singing flows the second half is it. Maybe he is a studio artist, problem is MFs dont give album chances no more with all this torrent shit, back in the day you hear a song and would know which track is next, now this torrent must be killing artists,the money probably is all in live performances, and i bet this lil dude has no problem selling tickets

i disagree :(

i disagree :(
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This is a tight mix

His ALBUM album is my shit, though... Follow me at
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I ain't even feeling them

I ain't even feeling them new R&B niggas but Trey Songz that nigga nice, that nigga is one of the realest nigga on that R&B shit.