DJ Spinatik - Street Runnaz 34.5 (The Friday Night Lockdown)

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1. (00:00:14) DJ Spinatik - Friday Night Lockdown Intro
2. (00:03:55) Gucci Mane ft. Plies - Wasted
3. (00:05:56) DJ Drama ft. Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti, Oj Da Juiceman & Lonnie Mack - Ridiculous
4. (00:03:10) Gucci Mane ft. Young Problems & Mike Jones - Boi I Got So Many
5. (00:04:03) Gucci Mane - Nickelodeon
6. (00:03:07) Juney Boomdata - You Get It
7. (00:04:30) Rick Ross ft. Frank Lini & Triple C's - Throw Em in The Sky
8. (00:02:32) Smitty - Jumping Out The Window
9. (00:03:38) Paul Wall ft. Gorilla Zoe & Yung Joc - Fly
10. (00:04:22) Young Buck ft. Willie D, Trae, Bun B & Rick Ross - Down South Hustlers
11. (00:04:02) Lil Boosie - Loaded
12. (00:03:31) Soulja Boy ft. Oj Da Juiceman - Gold Grill Shawty
13. (00:03:08) Juney Boomdata - Meow
14. (00:03:27) Smitty ft. Richie Wess - Old Money
15. (00:04:06) Billy Blue ft. Brisco - Da Lik
16. (00:03:36) Wes Fif - Went Crazy
17. (00:02:40) Birdman ft. Mack Maine & Pharell - Champion
18. (00:03:49) Ace Hood - Hello
19. (00:03:40) Plies ft. Chris J - Don't Need No Man
20. (00:03:17) Hunt ft. Javon Black - Freaky With You
21. (00:04:51) Richie Wess ft. Young Joe - Call On Me

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best street runnaz in a long

best street runnaz in a long time man
dninc's picture

This is a Joke right?

Can we get a real Mixtape on this site with some actual Talent on it please?


The display Naaa It's Not Doing It coming From Grizzly Icy Bear That Photo Off Hey OJ da Juice Man yall Fucked it Up This Time Look At The JEAN"SSS NAAAA

heard it beginning to end

would say nuthing special here except maybe "Down South Hustlers". and man #12, goes for worse song of the year.

oh yeah

and "Boi I Got So Many" jockin "A Millie" big time.



If you know and like good

If you know and like good hip hop stay the fuck away from this.
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FASHOW wrote:
If you know and like good hip hop stay the fuck away from this.

not that impressed

the mixtape is ok but not all that check out that real
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good ass runnaz, post more

good ass runnaz, post more music like this**
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i hope he's just joking ^^^^ LOL "You A Internet Chatroom Thug.... Thinkin You A Wolf But Ya Heart Pumpin Racoon Blood"

here come jayjay with the hatin for no reason

are you gonna type a 200 word essay back to this on how you hate the south and all that?


He's going to write a 200-word essay on how awesome HIS Philadelphia Eagles are.

Jay Jay

I didnt know JayJay waz back lol


and he's back with the hatin and 2 page long life stories.