DJ Spinatik - Street Runnaz 33

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Congratulations to DJ Spinatik for winning Mixtape Rookie of the Year @ The Southern Entertainment Awards (SEA)!


1. (00:00:07) DJ Spinatik - Intro
2. (00:02:45) Yo Gotti - We Get Into It
3. (00:02:42) Gucci Mane ft. Yung Joc & Bobby Valentino - Drinks Up
4. (00:06:09) Slim Thug ft. Brisco, Nipsey Hustle, Yo Gotti & E-40 - I Run (Remix)
5. (00:07:32) Flo-rida ft. Brisco, Billy Blue, Ballgreezy,
Rick Ross, Red Eyezz, Bred, Pitbull & Ace Hood - Yayo
6. (00:03:04) OJ Da Juiceman ft. Arab - Kitchen Music
7. (00:03:29) DJ Scream ft. Shawty Lo & Cosa Nostra - On My Grind
8. (00:02:10) Gucci Mane - Bust It Down
9. (00:03:35) Yung Joc ft. Lil Jon - Where Da Hoes
10. (00:03:01) Mims ft. Shawty Lo - Let Me Do My Thang
11. (00:02:30) DJ Christion ft. Brisco - Cadillac Crack Exclusive
12. (00:03:49) Richie We$$ ft. Smitty & Yung Dred - Still Rich
13. (00:04:09) Shawty Lo ft. Mya - About My B.I.
14. (00:02:46) OJ Da Juiceman ft. Luch Million - Itrap
15. (00:03:40) Hunt - Show You How
16. (00:04:17) Ludacris ft. Shawnna - Everybody Drunk
17. (00:03:43) Yung Joc ft. T-Pain & AK - Down Low
18. (00:03:34) Big Kuntry King ft. Young Dro & T.I. - I Do
19. (00:03:15) Brisco - Come See Me
20. (00:04:02) Yung LA - Futuristic Love ft. Ricco Barrino
21. (00:03:51) Javon Black ft. Sean Kingston - Shawty Tear It Up (TAMPA HEAT)

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DJ Spinatik - Street Runnaz 33

shits dope

shits dope

jt10 wrote:
shits dope
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good mixtape

THE OFFICIAL MAJOR BIGG DEADLOCK ENTERTAINMENT REPRESENTING BIG BODY it is a good mixx all the way through congrats on your award!
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hot damn spinatik.. this

hot damn spinatik.. this shyt hot... rooke of the year..
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this mixtape hott. "Bust it

this mixtape hott. "Bust it Down" and "Everybody Drunk" is heat. club bangout tracks right there.

good tape, spinatik never

good tape, spinatik never dissapoints
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Puff Puff


he's a rookie with 33

he's a rookie with 33 mixtapes? damn. the game done changed.

Find his mixtapes from 2007

Find his mixtapes from 2007 and then re-consider that question.
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You missed the whole premise

The DJ won a DJ Rookie of the year award some how and he has 33 Mixtapes; Seeing that he has Mixtapes from a couple of years ago as well i don't see how he's considered still a Rookie unless the Scale of being a Rookie has changed, i think thats what he meant. Either way im gonna give the man Congrats because he won over all the other one's out there, And he's from Tampa, FL where live currently so i Support him as well even though i dont like the artist lineup's he be having on his mixtapes i still actually go buy the mixtapes even after i download and listen to them for free off sites like these, Keep it up boi.. TAMPA TAKIN OVER!!! (Even though im actually from New Orleans i support whatever city im in, thats how we do). I wish he supported more of the Underground Tampa artist here but i know he gotta do what he gotta do and if there are bigger name artist that he can use to get that name recognition then so be it. Not a good Mixtape but Congrats on winning;

lol ok man...

lol ok man...
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it makes sense...cause south

it makes sense...cause south rappers dont got enough hot tracks or lyrics to make a whole album so they rely heavily on mixtapes. That makes the south DJ's job easier.
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Wh What?

What the fuck this gotta do with anything? I know you tryin to start shit but this has to be one of the most ignorant post of the year. You don't truly believe there's not enough material in the south be it Tracks, Big name Artist, Or Lyrical writers huh? Aint shit coming from any other corner of the US right now thats why 50, Sean Puffy, Dre, Eminem, Jay Z etc are all trying to setup shop or sign Southern Artist or create a Southern version of their record franchises in the south now, Sit yo ass down, shut the hell up and enjoy the fuckin ride! We in charge of this hea.
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whatever happened to that

whatever happened to that dude Black Reign in Tampa LOL!!!!