DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 103

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1.Dj Ron G - Intro
2.Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - It's Incredible (Hot !!!)
3.Juelz Santana - Freestyle
4.Juelz Santana Ft Lil Wayne - Homerun (Full Song)
5.Styles P - Put Some Money On It
6.Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, Jim Jones, Papoose, Rell & Dj Kayslay - Men Of Respect
7.Jim Jones Ft Game, Sen & Mel Matrix - Certified Gangstas Pt 2
8.Cassidy Ft Jag - Wack Mc's
9.Cory Gunz Ft Feroz - Gunz & Rosez
10.Jim Jones - Bust A Move
11.Uncle Murda - Im Gettin' Mine
12.Cassidy Ft Swizz Beats - Henny
13.Jojo Pelligrino Ft Raekwon The Chef - Dead Serious
14.Jadakiss - The Gangs Of New York
15.Lil Wayne - Im Raw (Throwback)(Full Version)
16.Lil Wayne & Pharell - Smackdown
17.Young Buck - Settle This (Dissin 50 Cent & G-Unit)
18.Jim Jones, St Laz & Vain - Showin Off
19.Mobb Deep, Cory Gunz & Nyce - No Hooks
20.Sheek Louch - Donnie G
21.T.Rex - Freestyle
22.Cassidy Ft Jag - Whoa 2k10
23.Gucci Mane Ft Yo Gotti - Trouble
24.Uncle Murda - Play Your Part
25.40 Cal - It's On Fire
26.Interlude - That Shit
27.Haffa - Omar
28.Dj Ron G - Interlude
29.Jv Da Rapsinga & Dj Ron G - Kiss Me (Remix)
30.Maxwell - Bad Habits (R&B Bonus Track)
31.Puff Daddy Ft Dirty Money - Strobe Light's (R&B Bonus Track)

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not a bad tape nor a

not a bad tape nor a excellent one.uncle murda go hard.
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Fuck all them wiggy jiggy tapes, this shit is right up my alley (no homo) hahaha, hey dninc why you dont be rating the whiteowl tapes? shit too hard for you bro? i know you be gettin it in wit that R&B shit bro, you on my suspect list

Do not say no homo

I had to log in and comment after i read your stupid comment. This shit is right up your alley and you should just say homo after that because you are fuckin gay dude.
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my man white owl droppin it

my man white owl droppin it right here uncle murda goes hard number 4 is fire and jada rips gangs of new york
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will D/L

always on point
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White owl came a lil short on this, but some niceness on here.

Looks like we got a lil goodie from the Whitey, he dropped to 2 tapes at one time so i had to download this one and the other to review on it, the other one is all Akon so it wont get track by track like the misc tapes... Rating at the bottom..
a few of the tracks i've heard before and some i tossed, if ya see a number missing that means i either didn't like it or it was old.
  • 2.Lil Wayne & Rick Ross - It's Incredible (Hot !!!) ~ It's a Decent track, it's not the whole track but the beat is mesmerizing enough to keep
  • 3.Juelz Santana - Freestyle ~ Juelz went off on that beat, it's fire! Too short tho but it's just a freestyle.
  • 4.Juelz Santana Ft Lil Wayne - Homerun (Full Song)~ Juelz Flows on hot beat and Wayne pretty much does a long hook between each Juelz verse, but it came out decent, but seriously Wayne don't need to be singin
  • 5.Styles P - Put Some Money On It ~ This almost didn't make the cut, first it's too short, Whiteowl drops his name bout 4 times in the whole 46 sec's this song exist, (track is a clippet)
  • 11.Uncle Murda - Im Gettin' Mine ~ Heard it before, decent track, heard better from em tho.
  • 13.Jojo Pelligrino Ft Raekwon The Chef - Dead Serious ~ Jojo did his thing but This Track Survived on Raekwon's verse, production was a lil bleak but you get passed it with real lyrics being spit.
  • 16.Lil Wayne & Pharell - Smackdown ~ Track still fire, even though it's on other mixtapes already.
  • 18.Jim Jones, St Laz & Vain - Showin Off ~ Hot Track from Jim Jones, it had that bump ya head in it the whole way through
  • 19.Mobb Deep, Cory Gunz & Nyce - No Hooks ~ Decided to keep this for smoke sessions, ya'll will see when you hear it.
  • 20.Sheek Louch - Donnie G ~ Lyrically good, but music wise it was just aiight... kinda dull really but i like what he had to say.
  • 21.T.Rex - Freestyle ~ Rex DID HIS THING ON AN EPIC TRACK!!
  • 27.Haffa - Omar ~ Almost deleted this but let it play, damn.. glad i didn't.. you kinda have to let this resolve, it wont capture you immediately..
  • -____________________________________________
    So it wasn't the best wasn't the worst, 7/10 Decent/Nice rating.. a lot of the tracks were already in circulation on other mixtapes even one's i just rated like Jiggy's.
    some tracks was just not good. all and all white owl have no control over what an artist put out there so hopefully we don't have another lame year like 09. was a lot of junk to dump off this one.
    ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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    good review, ima dl
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    do you know ..

    where i can D/L dj juice video blend tapes? i been hoping someone would upload some new dvd's, i guess i have to buy one from mix unit or something.
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    Their all on youtube

    Just get a Video stream ripper or a Youtube Ripper (do a google search for one) and go to Youtube and search for his blendz, click the "HD" button for high quality and then save it..
    Thats the hard way or you can do a google Blog search for his blendz individually..
    ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐ [-SAINTS ARE SUPERBOWL BOUND!!-] ┌∩┐^_^┌∩┐
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    yea i saw some snippets on there...i may just buy it and share it here~thanx tho

    ok ok

    this tape is fire!
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    mixtape 7/10

    █ Track 2 Hands Down █©«¤ÂqµaLµng¤»

    EEENRT ur wrong

    Sounds like every other little wayne song and rick ross is wick whack

    The REAL Review

    I will do you a favor and point out the real keepers. 1. Men of Respect DJ KAY SLAY 2. Wack MC's CASSIDY 3. Henny CASSIDY 4. Dead Serious RAEKWON 5. The Gangs of New York JADAKISS 6. Donnie G SHEEK LOUCH 7. Whoa 2k10 CASSIDY I'm not saying the rest of the tracks are all total crap but these are the only ones worth keeping this time. You should all be ashamed for liking It's Incredible LIL WAYNE and Homerun LIL WAYNE. Queers.
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    5/10 as u-sual

    I might sound like a duck on this one but this shyt is WACK! WACK! .........Dj Cinema where you at son???
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    it's allright

    i would label this as his worst this year tho 6.8/10