DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 104

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01. Intro
02. Styles P Ft Alchemist - The Hardest Mc (Sneak Preview)
03. Styles P Ft A.P - Freestyle
04. Wu-Tang Clan - Who's Steppin 2 Me
05. Raekwon - Ghostface Killah - Az & Dj Kayslay - Take My Time (Hot !!!)
06. Method Man Ft Raekwon & Ghostface - See The Light
07. 50 Cent - Speaking On Beef With Jay Z
08. Jay-Z Ft Rihanna & Bono - Stranded (Official Version)
09. Nas Ft Damien Marley - As We Enter
10. Nas Ft Five - Who Has _ I Have
11. Jim Jones - Why U Wife Her
12. Interlude - U Ain't Hot
13. L.Black Da Eastcoast Bully - Dissin Joe Budden Pt 1
14. L.Black Da Eastcoast Bully - I Smell Murda (Dissin Joe Budden Pt 2)
15. Joe Budden Ft Royce 5'9 - 40-40 Club
16. L.Black Ft Cassius - Freestyle
17. Jr Writer - Who The Hell R U
18. 40 Cal - We're Opposites
19. Papoose - Freestyle
20. Cassidy - Freestyle
21. Murda Mook - Freestyle
22. Cory Gunz - Freestyle
23. Mike Baggz - No Beef Real Shit
24. Five - Freestyle
25. Ron Paul - U Betta Move
26. Uncle Murda Ft Grafh - Mistah Fab & Dj Kayslay - Slayin Em'
27. Ron Browz - Cheese & Crackers
28. Ron Browz - Undress You
29. Cassidy Ft Rl & Sts - Parachute
30. Bonus Track

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If you got that most recent

If you got that most recent jiggy, then you got most these tracks!
GayTL_09's picture

It's kinda lame

Dunno, bout half dis tape is old or lame.. i can probably get 3 songs off this whole thing to bang in my ride. [ |_-DON'T GET IT FUCKED UP-_| ]
fullclipp's picture

this is horrible i just

this is horrible i just puked in my mouth at this tracklist
who cares's picture


it's all right, but like drop that 103 it aint his best this year. 6/10. only kept 18 trax
ghostdog_m's picture

I Kept Like 5 On That Biggy Jiggy Shit, 18 Trax? Miracle, Damn!

Why Yall Hate On White Owl? He Like 70 Ahead Of Buggy..... How Many Of His Shits You DL? Niggas Just Love To Hate Though Huh...... I Noticed That......
who cares's picture

man wtf u talkin bout??

I never hated on white owl on this tape, or on any tape 4 that matter. I been dl white owl tapes since drop that 32. I don't like biggy jiggy eitha. So u mite wanna re-think what you're gunna say next time b4 u say it
ghostdog_m's picture

Nah, I Really Was Not Yappin Bout You Dude, Just Used U As A....

Catalyst To Continue My Thoughts On The Subjects I Wanted To Bring Up. The Fact That YOU Kept 18 Of The Tracks And Me Keepin 5 Of The Last Biggy Jiggy In Comparison. White Owl On His 104 And Jiggy At 20. Plus The Use Of So Many R&B Joints Irritates Me. I Thought Out Everything I Said, So Who Cares? I Care.......... I Mean Justin Timberlake And Madonna, Oh, Is That A Timberland Track? Shit Didnt Seem Hip Hoppy Enough For Me......
fullclipp's picture

You Know What Is More

You Know What Is More Irritating Than The R&B Joints? The Fact That You Capitalize Every Word. It Makes Your Sentences Difficult To Read Which Makes Your Comments Less Enjoyable To Read.
chop76's picture

Isnt Jiggy at S.G. 20, which

Isnt Jiggy at S.G. 20, which is really 120 ahead of white owl at 104?
fullclipp's picture

yea jiggy puts in work...if

yea jiggy puts in work...if work meant collecting songs from a bunch of sites and putting it on a fancy cover dont get me wrong tho i appreciate biggy jiggy
ghostdog_m's picture

I do what I do when I can do what I do.....

120 huh, damn, guess it is a good thing Whiteowl gots them Special Southen West East Shits Too Huh. Jiggy Gots Some Shit Owl Aint Got Though.... Mo Shit Than I Can Get...... Oh Shit I Type Like This because its too fucking easy to type like this ya get me? This just something I do to slow my shit down.... so I give FUCK if YOU dont like it. At LeAsT iT aInT wRoTe LiKe ThIs, ThIs AnNoYs Me, StIlL tHeY dO iT!
fullclipp's picture

alrite wasnt trying to be a

alrite wasnt trying to be a dick i just culdnt figure y some1 wuld do that--please doNt 5W1T(4 T0 TYp1NG L1K3 7H15!!! y do bitches type like that
ghostdog_m's picture

yeah, sorry for the Fuck this Fuck that, But Fuck....

I talk like this because there is really no one I hang out with that would allow my speech patterns to change. I even slip that shit out when I am talkin to my Momma, too many hoods I associate with. and I will slow down on the capitalizing of every word. Is ThIs OkAy WiTh YoU? LoL..... And that shit, 'lol', I never thought I would be using that shit.
who cares's picture

o aight

srry 4 da misunderstandin' homie. but i only kept 5 on that last jiggy tape too haha. I do agree that Jiggy has to many gay tracks that don't relate to hip-hop at all on his tapes. only r&b dude i can listen 2 w/o wantin 2 hurl is ne-yo. dat dude smooth as hell
Yung Screw 817's picture


nuff said.
ghostdog_m's picture

Maybe 'Older' Tracks, But At Least JT & Madonna Aint On Dis Drop

This Dude The Dude That Got Me Lookin And Bumpin That New Hoppin Hip Shit, So Buggy Juggy Aint As Heavy As This Dude......
chop76's picture

Dj request!! Yall check out

Dj request!! Yall check out these two new songs by Bun B, and someone please take Buns verse on that Clipse Popular Demand beat and take Cam'ron off the original and add Bun in that middle slot so I can change it and play that song all the way through.......................
Yung Screw 817's picture


Damn! that nigga Bun droppin constant freestyles on that site! Keep'em coming Bun!! Top 5 AWWWWWWREADY!!!
chop76's picture

Shits so new he says its

Shits so new he says its over like Brett Farve! Fuckin only 48 hours ago and thats the older song of the two. Bun works as many hours a week as I do!
donedeal's picture

50 Cent is trash!!!! I won't

50 Cent is trash!!!! I won't even download a mixtape if he if on it. FREE BOOSIE Death b4 Dishonor
rubixcuban's picture


The less lil wayne the better the mixtape, Im fellin it.Bin the 50 and ron brows and you got a good mixtape.And I dont download jiggy tapes because for some reason they remind me of a cheap club flyer...maybe its just me
bole420's picture

look out......

fuck dem hustler haters......ah nigga gotta eat... look out for that b.o.b and drama coming soon and mikkey halsted mixtape the best you never heard..... which i doubt it be on here but it will be on his website free D/L he sick wit it {NO CODE OF CONDUCT}¤
burnupdapiff145's picture

all old. not nearly as good

all old. not nearly as good as the last few tapes