DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 42

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1.Jim Jones - Silent Night
02.Jadakiss - Freestyle
03.Busta Rhymes Ft Lil Wayne.Puffdaddy,Swizz Beats,Ron Browz,Akon & T.Pain -Arab Money
04.Jadakiss - Freestyle
05.Lil Wayne - Im # 1
06.Jim Jones - Showoff
07.Lil Wayne - Beat That Up
08.Juelz Santana & Skull Gang - Ho Ho Ho
09.Juelz Santana - Freestyle
10.Lil Wayne - Different Girls
11.Lloyd Banks - Freestyle
12.Max B - Take The Guns
13.Max B - Freestyle
14.Uncle Murda - Fuck All Ya'll
15.Uncle Murda - Blaze A 50
16.Joe Budden Ft Game - This Is The Future
17.Capone N Noreaga - Fuck U
18.Young Jeezy & Young Buck - I Got It
19.50 Cent & Ll Cool J - Heartbeat Pt 2
20.Jim Jones & Byrdgang - Christmas Eve
21.Lil Wayne - Just Know That (New Verses)
22.Two Five - Keep Talkin'
23.Red Cafe - It's So Easy
24.J. Skaytz - From The Bottom 2 The Top
25.Serious Jones - Sick Of The Shit On The Radio
26.Lil Wayne - So Much Money
27.Young Chris - 2pac Freestyle

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First Bitches!!!

But most of these songs are old as fuck. Hey you white owl Kill That...YOSELF!!

whitowl has lost his touch


No thank you

I think i'll wait for Exclusive Tunes 46 thank you very much

yea i'll wait for that biggy

yea i'll wait for that biggy jiggy to drop.... whiteowl is booty now...

hey all you haters, kill

hey all you haters, kill yourself! dont knock his hustle, get off your lazy asses and make a better mixtape than him. til then stfu and stop sippin haterade. hey whiteowl drop that, keep doing ur thing big dog.biggy jiggy and whiteowl forever!!



go fuck yourself. white owl

go fuck yourself. white owl fell off a while ago. blowin the best mids in the area. how them seeds

i think i'll make a better

i think i'll make a better tape then dis nigga... jus gotta rename the songs lol


DONT DOWNLOAD THIS TRASH. Why is it OK to steal other DJs songs and rename them to make a Drop That 497? WEAK. You WHITEOWL are pathetic, and that goes for the rest of you clown DJ's who steal from other mixtapes. THIS MIXTAPE IS GOD AWEFUL TRASH, DUE TO A WEAK AND UNTALENTED DJ.

damn dog that was pretty

damn dog that was pretty harsh i mean he was droppin it dis past summer

biggy. muhfuckin'. jiggy. 1

biggy. muhfuckin'. jiggy. 1

never a good even numberd

never a good even numberd white owl every other mixtapes crack as a mix tape dj in my hood people know about me stevie stacks stevie e e e dubb s. what ever you call me wen you get at me for a mix tape its crack i might not have a new one every week but ill drop 2-3 CRACK ones a month with none of that wack mixtape artist bull shit not sum old shit you got 2 tapes ago always new crack white owls gotta fall back a bit stop tryin to be as concistant as weird as that sounds you gotta fall back keep the people hungry then when they least expect it BAM Droooop Thaaaaaaaaaat keep doin big things out there whit owl still got nuttin on big mike