DJ Whiteowl - Whiteowl Drop That 75

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01. Intro
02. 50 Cent - Im Paranoid
03. 50 Cent - Did U Forget Me (Michael Jackson Tribute)
04. Game Ft Puff Daddy,Chris Brown & Usher - Better On The Other Side (Michael Jackson Tribute)
05. 50 Cent - Respect It
06. 50 Cent - Inner City Blues
07. Camron - The Baddest
08. Max B - Speaks From Prison (Free Max B)
09. Maino - Here Comes Trouble
10. Lloyd Banks - Million
11. Jay Rock - Boom Boom Clap
12. Joe Budden Ft Joelortiz, Royce 5æ9, Crooked I & M.O.P -Woodstock Hip Hop
13. Tek, Stat Quo, Ali Vegas, Mic Geronimo, Rapper Pooh,Dj Doowop, Icadon, Chrie Vegas & 40 Cal - Its Gettin Hot
14. Ru Spits Ft Fat Boys Can U Feel It 2k9
15. Will Roush - Freestyle
16. Grafh & Raekwon - Cold Blackhanded
17. Lil Wayne , Ya Boy & Nu Jersey Devil -Different Girls Rmx
18. Maino - Back 2 Life
19. Maino - Floating
20. Clipse - Eyes On Me
21. Drake - U Dont Know Me
22. Wu Tang&Havoc - Evil
23. Dame Grese, A.B -
24. Corporal Asskick - Funky

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And he delivers AGAIN!!! Keepin the summer on smash!!!!!!!! Wiggy Jig will have these tracks in a few days ppl so all you fruitcakes sitting around waiting for your weekend to start might have to wait a few more days LMAO


Biggy Jiggy doesn't really stick with East Coast, especially New York.
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gay gay gemini a bum wit no income

shit is garbage!!!!!!!
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THATS WHATS UP!!! dude who will want to.....this shit fuck whiteowl he need to throw in the white towel fake ass dj you garbage>>>>>but that MJ mixtape tight!!!!!
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nah nigga white owl is the

nah nigga white owl is the shit i know hes been laying of the lil wayne tracks but all u jiggy fans can get your lil wayne kanye jim jones drake and all the other gay rappers / singer on his next exclusive cd
127GeNeRaL's picture

weekends dont start without biggy jiggy(fukk dat shyt)

***127 STaND uP*** white owl is for the streets pigs ass niggas that wait 2 see when white drop a new mixtape to bash it have no typa life what so ever... go listen to ur bubble gum raps and leave white owls mixtapes to true hiphop heads
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jay jay, i think its cute that you are the only whiteowl fan on this site. have you two considered getting a room together for the weekend? then you can tell him how you always stood up for him in internet forums, how you defended the name whiteowl, your so courageous maybe he will reward you with his dick in your mouth. who knows maybe he will change track 24 to: "24. corporal assfuck - funky (got head from jayjay to this shit)(jayjay Diss)(EXCLUSIVE)"
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and thats because I like what i like, I DONT DICK RIDE AND FOLLOW WHAT EVERYONE ELSE LIKES, and im also not scared to speak up and speak my mind, all you little fruitcakes do on here is ride each others dicks and like what the next guy likes, say what the other guy said, so on and so on, I like whiteowl cause he drops that STREET SHIT, he always got tracks of the artist I fuck wit, Hell Rell, D-Block, Camron, JR Writer, Uncle Murda, etc etc etc, I dont want a fuckin mixtape filled wit chris brown, game, lil wayne, drake, neyo, kanye west, christe michelle, Gucci, and gorilla zoe, understand? Whiteowl drops all the tri-state exclusive shit from the artists i fuck wit, you cant get jiggy wit a whiteowl mixtape, you wont find a club banger/dance song on whiteowls joints and thats why I fuck wit him, only other DJ that drops the music I fuck wit is Big Mike and sometimes Scope but whiteowl always drops the shit first but Mikes always got some D-Block exclusives, so in my eyes jiggy wiggy is for little faggy ass girls like yourself that want some music to dance and sing to, i dont fuck wit that kinda shit bro, im tryin D/L some shit I can bump in the ride and nod my fucking head to, jiggy dont deliver that, now you understand homo???
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If it didn't have...

If it didn't have: 50 cent.. Chris Brown.. Lloyd Banks... Drake.... I'd call it a "Streets" Mixtape.. It's a Good Mixtape, but i'd have to remove those tracks off this tape and i'd be left with 15 Tracks out of 24.. thats 45% of the Mixtape gone.. So it's half street. Not a bad Drop though, i dunno what others are hatin on.. for real.. Some of those Gucci Drops had been fuckin this site up lately, all havin recycled shit from everybody on SoICy Records on it in almost a 1 Rotation for 2 months. Gucci Made Nigga's sick of him before his album released.. That nigga' stupid.
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YESSSSSSSS Submitted by JayJayGemini on Fri, 05/15/2009 - 3:35pm. Im so excited, finally here damn, i didnt even get any sleep last nite, just kept checking this website every 15 minutes hoping it would be here, now it is YESSSSSSSS, god i cant wait to here this shit, i know its gonna go super hard, ayy ayy ayy bricks bricks bricks, alrite for real i gotta go now, im gonna jerk off while its downloading, thanks mixtapetorrent i been waitin on this for months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so icey for life gucci gucci, and people please keep all the hate to yourself, nobody here wants to here it, you know aint nobody fuckin with gucci's lyrics, i mean who in the game can make sound effects and spit like gucci? exactly so just D/L this shit or leave!! » reply | write to author | quote KEEP IT REAL YOU FAT FUCC!

yall can hate on

yall can hate on jayjay...but he right whiteowl put music out for the streets...big jig does a couple songs for the streets and the rest with some other lovey dovey bullshit..but if thats what yall into thats cool...but it does get annoying when he gives his tracks different names...but other than that whiteowls got the streets on lock...big jjig got the r&b/gay bullshit rap on lock..
JayJayGemini's picture


damn cuz you was typing this while i was typing that above LOL, im glad to see someone is on my level, god damn!!!!!!!

Man Fuck That!

WhiteOwl be dropping that real shit not that fake ass tight jeans shit that Jiggy be putting out.
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Im the only whiteowl fan on this site right mr. pig face?????? Im glad to see all these people standing up for the REAL HIP-HOP MIXTAPES, ayo white drop that, take this series to 100 my dude!!!!
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whiteowl is dat nigga...

whiteowl is dat nigga... fuck all you faggot fruitcake wigger ass bitch boys/... its dat real east coast shit fuck bigger wigger
Bole's picture

cant see it

THATS WHATS UP!!! how and niggas can say this shit is street music get real a long ways from street music trap music is street real Gz dont ride and bump this shit>>>>>but hay maino tight he street fif street but them other lames yea wright!I STAY ON MY 5 Pz 3 Dz 3 Lz......
JayJayGemini's picture


after what you just said you should NEVER be able to post another comment on here ever again, im not even tryna be funny, that was some real off the wall shit you just said cuz, I actually had to read it about 4 times and im still confused, did you say maino & 50 cent are street but the rest of the ppl on whiteowls mixtapes aint??? and also that street music is trap music LMAO, bro you gotta be like a 14 year old little boy, please go find a gucci mixtape, you will find alot of your friends there...
Bole's picture

i said it

THATS WHATS UP!!!i said it maino and fif the rest are lame and gucci nigga what fuck gucci>>>do you even know what street is i dont think you do and 14 what dude please GTFOH!!!

why is u even on here....go

why is u even on here....go download that new eminem or asher roth or sumthin...fuckin runnin through every mixtape callin everyone nigga n shyt.... u from idaho or sum hick ass town in missisippi that been watchin 2 much BET & Youtube....u still not black biatch!!!!!& u def not from tha hood...u may b from & still livin on the streets tho...u proll sittin up in tha library sneakin n writeing comments n shyt...dont even be downloadn shit...craka ass need 2 kill yo self and everyone in yo fuck ass family u faggot ass bitch!!!!
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you think

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its funny how tha haters of

its funny how tha haters of REAL MIXTAPES on this site get maaad defensive***127 STaND uP***