DJ Whoo Kid - POW! Radio Vol. 1

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DJ Whoo Kid gives himself a mixtape pat on the back with this recent
hip-hop banger celebrating his new Hot 97 radio show POW! With a big
mixtape featuring a splash of tracks from NYC to the South, this joint
bangs out to new Lloyd Banks & 50 Cent, T.I., Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil'
Jon & Scrappy, Prodigy & Sam Scarfo, Papoose, Trae & Pimp C, Peedi
Crakk, Jae Millz, Scrappy/Lil' Jon, Paul Wall, Three-6, Freeway & more.

1 - DJ Whoo Kid & Shady Intro
2 - Lloyd Banks feat. 50 Cent – Cake
3 - T.I. – Hand In The Air
4 - Prodigy & Sam Scarfo – Buck Somethin
5 - Jay-Z Freestyle
6 - Trae feat. Pimp C – Swang
7 - Lloyd Banks – 70 Bars
8 - Chamillionaire feat. Bun B & Pimp C – Ridin Dirty (remix)
9 - Mobb Deep feat. Lloyd Banks – Hold Somethin’
10 - Young Buck & Lil Scrappy – Money in the Bank
11 - Prodigy feat. NYCE – Borling
12 - Trae feat. 36 Mafia & Paul Wall – Cadillac
13 - Jay-Z & DMX Interlude
14 - Prodigy – P Purple n Pill
15 - Jay-Z – Talent Search
16 - Peedie Crack – Bury Niggas
17 - Jae Millz – Feel Like That
18 - Lil Scrappy feat. Lil Jon – Gangsta Gangsta
19 - Papoose feat. Riz – Throw Yo Guns in the Air
20 - Freeway Freestyle
21 - Tyestix feat. Arson Ent. – Freestyle
22 - Mobb Deep – Give It To Me
23 - Kanye West – Murda She Wrote
24 - John Doe feat. Brandy & Timbaland – Sirens
25 - Avant & Lloyd Banks Xclusive
26 - Mobb Deep feat. Mary J. Blidge – It’s Alright

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whoo kid

whoo kid lmao..he tryin 2 hook up 50 cent and michael jackson..LMAO THA JACKSONS..Go g-unit..LOL hahahahaha o man...
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wh00000000000000000 shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damn plz kill this guy
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Hell Yeah

Im with you on this one fool.

this better be jay on this ish!!

Before I spend my time downloading this shit , someone please respond and let me know if these are real jay-z freestyles or some other cat who sounds like jay. cause whoo kid likes to do that bullshit on his mixtapes. holla back and let me know.
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It's that guy from mad tv or

It's that guy from mad tv or whatever hella funny fool..jay-z ll cool jay and dmx...funny shit


The "G-Unit-Complex" of you guys is getting pathological. Are there any real reason for you to diss DJ Whoo Kid ? I suppose you would also hate a crap pile if it got the G-Unit logo. You are the hamorids (don`t know if its correctly spelled)on the G-Unit ass.
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W A C K . _.:LIL RA$KAL O.G:._
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that papoose joint is soo fuckin hott..."my gun is like your jeweler, itll make ur ear-ring"..damn....but overall this mxtapew asnt that good, has a bunch of old songs ~Reem~
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thats not jay-z >> making

thats not jay-z >> making fun of em through the cd? peedi crack killed it (hot) this shit is ok nothing over like they are saying ^ papoose lovin this man anyway i dont know man yea it is worth downlouding


Well...I'm not a G-UNIT "hater"...I'm just not feeling their style...that's all. Not everyone is gonna like G-UNIT. That's "your" preference...not everyone else's. You should understand that.
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Whoo kid germany

"hemaroids" u idiot


Well, I already admitted I don`t know if it was correctly spelled. But I don`t give a fuck... If you want we can have a conversation in german, french, latins... whatever you want ;)
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ummm sure??????
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this isnt g-unit hate

:o why come and talk about G-unit this is wh000 sh1ttt... and still i don't like g-unit but the mixtapes off whoo sucks, that lame sample he uses all the time... so gay 'wh00000 sh1tttttt' he is like DMX says a homothug!

G-UNIT fallin off.

I gotta say, I fell in love with G-unit When Green Lantern was doing mix tapes with Shady. Now I dont think G-unit is all that. Stupid 50 messed it up. Green Lantern, with the resources of Shady Aftermath, was one of the most amazing things we have ever heard.


it was aight.
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DJ Whoo Kid worse than dj clue

DJ Whoo Kid worse than dj clue