DJ Teknikz - Rookie Of The Year Pt. 2

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1. big Kuntry Intro
2. DJ Teknikz, Big Kuntry, J.R. - If U Buyin We Sellin (Teknikz X clusive)
3. DJ Teknikz & Gorilla Zoe - If U Buyin We Sellin (Teknikz X clusive)
4. Slick Pulla Ft Fabo - Watchin Me (World Premier)
5. Bloodraw & Young Buck - 26 Inches (World Premier)
6. Big Kuntry - Like Me
7. Gorilla Zoe - Money Man
8. Slick Pulla & Big Kuntry - Killin Em
9. Big Kuntry, Trenchwerk & mac Boney - Shake and Bake (Teknikz X clusive)
10. Gorilla Zoe, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Jim Jones, Yung joc - Hood Ni**a Rmx
11. Bloodraw - Chevy Rider
12. Slick Pulla & Young Jeezy - AK's Choppin (Teknikz X clusive)
13. Big Kuntry, Alfamega, Mac Boney & JR - Big Shyt Poppin (Teknikz X clusive)
14. Bloodraw - Dope Boi
15. Slick Pulla - Talk Greasy
16. Gorilla Zoe & Durty - Paper
17. Big Kuntry - Drop Top
18. Blood raw - Shake Something
19. Gorilla Zoe - Z.O.E.
20. Slick pulla - Last Hope
21. Bloodraw & Slick Pulla - F*ck Em
22. Gorilla Zoe - Wild Thang
23. Slick Pulla, Quaterbird & Screw - Bout That Yay (Teknikz X clusive)
24. Gorilla Zoe Ft Bobby Brown - Life of a Hustler (World Premier)

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easy answer

they all suck.....but if I had to choose, it would be big kuntry

The only Fake is you just

The only Fake is you just dont leave a coments if you think it sux
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Beny15 wrote:
The only Fake is you just dont leave a coments if you think it sux
How you gonna tell someone not to voice their opinion?....are you a Nazi or something?...just kidding but seriously, I call em as I see em...if its trash, Im not gonna sugar coat that shit, but if its that raw, I will let you know....These dudes are trash, if Im lyin Im flyin

You just a straight hater

You just hate the south plain and simple. yall records aint sellin up there and yall mad. J-MO THE GREAT
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to the one above me you're a

to the one above me you're a lame, don't get mad because the south is on top(damn), give credit where credit is due, i bet u did'nt even listen to the mixtape, just stop hating the south, shit up north and the west has had their turn, don't hate, you're starting to sound like havoc(mobb deep) and i like mobb deep but not the new stuff, but the old stuff, never should of went to g-unit, because their slaves for g-unit, cause long as the dudes been in the game their suppose to be on their own label, so listen to UGK and quit hatin the SOUTH.................... FUCK BOY

have to agree that big

have to agree that big kuntry is the best out of them. the rest is pretty shit. gorilla zoes last mixtape was fuckn terrible. slick pullas was aight but not great either. and just cuz the souf is popular now dont mean everyone has to like it

beast mode

gorilla zoe and blood raw is beastin on dem hoes!
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Gorilla Zoe

I Think Gorilla Zoe Best Out Of All Three.