DJ Chuck T - Battle For Supremacy 5 (Big Kuntry Vs. Gorilla Zoe)

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01. 3:41 Big Kuntry - The Baddest Ft. Trey Songz
02. 2:34 Big Kuntry - How We Rockin'
03. 3:49 Big Kuntry - That's Right Ft. T.I.
04. 2:27 Big Kuntry - Britney Spears
05. 4:11 Big Kuntry - Porsche It Out Ft. Slick Pulla,
Jim Jones & Young Dro
06. 2:47 Big Kuntry - Going Ham Ft. Yung L.A.
07. 3:23 Big Kuntry - Louie Bag Boy
08. 2:56 Big Kuntry - Lokes On
09. 3:34 Big Kuntry - Ballin' By Nature
10. 1:36 Big Kuntry - Im Poppin'
11. 3:11 Big Kuntry - A Bay Bay (Remix)
12. 2:55 Big Kuntry - Underdog
13. 3:14 Big Kuntry - Im Rich
14. 3:18 Gorilla Zoe - Get Money Ft. Lil' Wayne
15. 3:36 Gorilla Zoe - Battle Field Ft. Block & Big
16. 3:30 Gorilla Zoe - Tryin' To Make A Jug Ft. Big
17. 2:50 Gorilla Zoe - Life Of A Hustler Ft. Bobby
18. 2:46 Gorilla Zoe - Ridin' Thru The City
19. 3:19 Gorilla Zoe - Take Ya Shoes Off
20. 2:33 Gorilla Zoe - Watch Me
21. 2:31 Gorilla Zoe - Wild Thing
22. 2:48 Gorilla Zoe - Z.O.E. Ft. Block
23. 1:42 Gorilla Zoe - Lay Ya Down
24. 1:40 Gorilla Zoe - Happy Birthday
25. 3:32 Gorilla Zoe - Still Hood
26. 3:01 Gorilla Zoe - Justin Timberlake

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That is jacked up

Who ever uploaded this cd needs to shot to hell. How you going to put the whole cd as one song.

use a cue splitter to split

use a cue splitter to split the tracks, its easy

Yo you really dont know how

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First of all I know how a cue splitter thats straight. But for that fuck ass bitch listen I didnt know you knew me so well congrats but I guarantee that shit going to stay on the board bitch motherfucker and If you wanna get off the board and If you stay in atlanta come see me 360 Thomasville blvd atlanta, ga 30315 come holla at me

if you dont like it dont download it

why do you have to chat shit bro ?? that how some of the tape come. we up them how they come if you dont like it dont download it

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