Eminem Feat Dr Dre - Old Time's Sake

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Awwwwww, yeah!!

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is this the next single??

I believe this is very smart marketing for Em and interscope.. I hope this track is tight, which I highly doubt it wouldn't be being that it's em ft. dre and all.. TALENT DISPLAY dot NET (Come thru.. check out some good music y'all)
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"i must express that i don't

"i must express that i don't smoke weed or ses because its known to give a nigga brain damage, and brain damage on the mic don't manage nothin but makin a sucker and you equal, don't be another sequel." the last time he "really" expressed himself.
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ugh not again...

em`s gettin on mah damn nerves with that accent in his flow... R E S P E C T T H I S H U S T L E

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www.myspace.com/trycity bricktopbeats.com Dope track...good to hear thm together again..but, i still don't get the voice?? oh, and DL my album: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=SA2A6AUH
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Let the man be different?

I don't have a problem with the Accent as long as the Lyrics, beat and Flow is on par. We already dealin with a bunch of fools playing with the Vocorder why not a fake accent? I think it's actually talented of him to do this outside his own lil typical next door white boy voice. His Lyrics Matured as well, i have a feeling he wont disappoint when his Album drop, been an Em fan for years, didn't like his last couple of Albums tho.
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yeah who cares bout the accent this song is sick

good track real hiphop here

good track real hiphop here ...peace


Kinda disappointing... Dre sounds like he's bored with the mic and Em really needs to drop the fake accent...