Eminem - We Made You (MP3 + Video)

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jesus christ

emeniem is real lame.

He's Back

There a reason why this guy was voted best rapper alive! Hes getting everybody! I fuckin Love it! Lone $tar Dynasty
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the shit is funny...

and isnt that what eminem is really the greatest joke rapper alive... at least he isnt firing guns off all over his album acting like he is anything other than a good rapper who grew up in a bad town, not some gun toating g like he has been trying to be for some time now, just some drugged out looser who can rap his ass off and is willing to put that literally in his video so we can all laugh at him,.. then he goes on tv and picks fights with little white fags like mobe, what did mobe ever do to him, but eminem sure did look hard on mtv..lol. thanks em for going back to what you really are.... on the real though this shit is funny...but he probably never fucked any of these bitches really, like he never really was a g.
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i would put eminem in my top 3 favorite rappers of all time but I dont really like his goofy stuff all that much this video is a little too goofy.
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i dont like his goofy shit at all. that serious shit is what i need. dont get me wrong, ass like that was straight. this shit is jus... bring back that like toy soldiers lyrical shit em. crack a bottle was a lil like this too. hope his whole album aint like this cus if so ima be disappointed... _____________________________ rap - lies = hiphop | real eyes recognize real lies
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I like Em.BUT it has to be said that shit lame.

Damn its even a dre track and he rode on it like slim shady maybe he should have been marshall cuz that persona is raw 2.5/5

crack a bottle

this guy need to stop doing all this parody shit and bring more songs like crack a bottle and that benefit 13 style shit bakc.