Bobo Meets Rhettmatic (The Mixtape)


Bobo Meets Rhettmatic from Bobo Meets Rhettmatic on Vimeo.

1. Intro
2. Jingo
3. Mambo King
4. Tito
5. Ive Got My Mind Made Up
6. Dont Stop Till You Get Enough
7. Wanna Be Starting Something
8. I Love Music
9. Gypsy Woman
10. It Takes Two
11. Numbers
12 Tour De France
13. Its Automatic
14. Planet Rock
15. The Breaks
16. Apache
17. Rappers Delight
18. Good Times
19. Dance To The Drummer
20. Hot Music

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One of these dudes is a

One of these dudes is a congo drum playing motherfucker but this isnt my kinda music. These are beats only by the way, I dont know why Cypress Hill is on the front they dont rap on any song
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Thats because Bobo is part

Thats because Bobo is part of Cypress Hill. He's their newest member (Even tho his been with the group for some time already)
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What does he produce some

What does he produce some for them or something cause theres no rappin on this mixtape
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If you listen to Cypress Hill music they use alotta drums in their beats. Bobo is responsible for that. I seen dude when he barely join the group in a Cypress Hill concert in Dallas. B-Real introduced him to the people. Thats was years ago! Them fools had a 6 footer on stage givin the front row hits from the bong. It was off the chain! Linkin Park perform that night too.
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Was that in Dallas or in

Was that in Dallas or in Fort Worth? I went to the one at the Ft. Worth Convention Center.. Some kid that was in the mosh pit got hit in the face with a firecracker that night..
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My bad

You right that was in funkytown. At the Ft.Worth Convention Center right? Man that was soo long ago. I do remember ppl poppin fireworks but i didnt know somebody actually got hurt from it? You remember when they pulled out that big azz lime green 6 footer and they were lettin ppl hit it?? Man that was a wild azz night. Linkin Park put it down that night too! And i dont even like rock that much...... ha-ha!!
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How can anyone forget the 6

How can anyone forget the 6 footer...I was there mainly for Cypress Hill also, but was diggin Linkin Park at the time...When that firecracker hit that kid, Linkin Park stopped the show, told the crowd to find who did that and whoop that persons ass...LP continued to play while a crowd of people started chasing someone up the rows..Even some of the people on the stage started chasing him...It was Fucking nuts that night...

the live performance looks

the live performance looks like it might be fun to go to, but i couldn't jus chill to this
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LMAO sounds like niggas got

LMAO sounds like niggas got fucked up that night