Fella - Pill & A Half (Hosted By Plies)


01 Plies Speaks
02 In A Lil Bit
03 56 Bars
04 Iz U Fucking
05 Block Now
06 Er Body Know Me
07 Plies Speaks
08 On Yac Ft. Plies
09 When I Die
10 Pop A Pill
11 Throw Ya Sets (Remix)
12 Plies Speaks
13 Swag (Remix)
14 Done It All (Remix)
15 I Do It
16 Dope Boy
17 Ak Chevy Ft. Plies

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I think it's safe to say..

No one listens to Plies anymore.. You can pretty much stop posting his tapes. it's a waste of Bandwidth


Man dis nigga fella tight work 4REAL , and who dont listen to plies anymore? ( you )... the nigga plies has no compitition out dare 4real, turn on ya radio and tell me what other artisit from the south is getting airplay like dis nigga?, no fuck dat go to da club and what you hear most of the night or play 1 of his songs in da club & watch da dance floor, you sounding like a hata dogg..now look i aint pulling another nigga dick i just spitinn real. the nigga so raw no labels really like him because of what he says, shit i feel like he should have been gotten an award from bet since 2007 but they hatin too, dis guy had quite a few number 1 hits for radio or tv & they still didnt put da nigga on the roster to perform or recieve an award what does that look like..keep up da work my nigga you said it right bruh bruh ( u aint doin sumn right if you aint gottem hatin )... NOW LAST BUT NOT LEAST ( THIS NIGGA PLIES IS A PROMOTER LIKE DON KING LISTEN TO THE WAY HE PROMOTES ) IF I WAS HIM I WOULD DROP 3 -4 MO ALBUMS AND JUST START PROMOTING ARTIST, HE IS GIFTED!! http://www.myspace.com/breadmanndareal DJBREAD22@YAHOO.COM
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It aint that serious
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Plies reminds me of 50

He came out hard on that "so hood track" then he turn to kool-aid. Sweeter then a bitch!
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Co-signing this post

Yung Screw 817 wrote:
He came out hard on that "so hood track" then he turn to kool-aid. Sweeter then a bitch!
This is pretty much a true statement.. Don't regard it as hate, i still might listen to some Plies but it aint gonna be on the top of none of my list tho. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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hey i saw were plies threw 50,000 dollers in the crowd at one of his shows is he crazy or what
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Yea and no..

It was 1 Duffel bag full of 10's, 20's, and 50's that was thrown into a crowd during a Birthday bash and to promote his New Single off his new album called "Plenty Money" According to his Publicist it was 50 G's, According to a few people that know that much Cash in those 3 Currency figures wouldn't fit into one duffel bag know it's probably dramatically less, but people only can go by what they are told sometimes, he could have said 80 Million but that would have been both unbelievable and even more stupid than throwing any large sum of money into a Crowd that large (22,000 fans)............................................................ He did it in front of the Phillips Arena in Atlanta on June 22nd.. Most people called Shenanigans with the "50,000,00" but was greatful and impressed he even threw a bunch of money out no matter how much it was................................. Im not sure if he's buying his fans, flauntin or just have a stupid way of promoting himself to keep his name popular..................... Only reason that many peopled showed up is because the radio station in Atlanta 107.9 FM announced that he was going to be throwing money at that location.. ................. All the Ghetto's emptied out. [-N.O. Saints #1 in 09-]
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dum azz

fuck u talkin bout bra, pliez been doin sence 100% real nigga bigga rankin 05 bitch.. u mus be frm da north or east bitch, wit dat silly azz shyt bitch.. titen up lil woe.. south florida been doin it bitch..

Anyone who cant feal this

Anyone who cant feal this tape is a lame ass nigga.That When I Die joint is hard as fuck.This nigga doin his thing.