DJ Nice & Team Afficial Present: From Dipset To Europe

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01. S.A.S Speaks Intro [1:23]
02. S.A.S. ft. JR Writer - I'm Reloaded [3:20]
03. JR Writer ft. 40 Cal - Gutta [3:22]
04. S.A.S. - On Them Roads [3:42]
05. Juelz Santana ft. Cam'ron - Dipset Anthem [3:47]
06. S.A.S. ft. Juelz Santana - In The Army Now [4:19]
07. S.A.S. ft. Cam'ron - So Free [4:14]
08. S.A.S. - Dipset All Day [3:15]
09. JR Writer - Lay Down [2:57]
10. S.A.S. - Fly Boys [4:19]
11. Cam'ron ft. Hell Rell, Jim Jones & JR Writer - Get'Em Daddy (RMX) [4:28]
12. S.A.S. - 1-800 Shottas [2:50]
13. JR Writer - Live By The Codes [2:48]
14. S.A.S. ft. Jim Jones - Dutty Clap [3:25]
15. Juelz Santana ft. Cam'ron - More Gangsta Music [4:21]
16. Cam'ron & Jim Jones - Guess Who's Back Freestyle [3:48]
17. S.A.S. - Doing Fine [3:14]
18. S.A.S. - Where I'm From [3:09]
19. S.A.S. - Cheerio [3:54]
20. Cam'ron - I Really Mean It [4:03]

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this shit is old, tclady upped that like 4 months ago
huge's picture

and wat??? people seem to

and wat??? people seem to like it so it all gd innit? the site dont jus say new tapes....well if it does plz show me


word on that man! i had that tape befo but i lost it so big propz fo dis!!!up more tapez from S.A.S if u can!

this is the shit

man, ive been waitin 4 this shit, i gt thier 'who dares wins' and 'streets all salute album' and it da truth. WE NEED MORE S.A.S, KANO, SKEPTA, ROLL DEEP, NASTY CREW AND FIRE CAMP
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yeah definately

Yeah definately man It wud be phat if they cud get some more UK stuff in here That shit hard to come by good lookin on this tape mfizzle


i live in london, but do u guys hear much about s.a.s in da u.s.a ? in newyork and shit?
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S.A.S kick asses

yes they do.


diz tape is phukkin tight dont matter how old it iz dipset all day niggaaa


i live in london, but do u guys hear much about s.a.s in da u.s.a ? in newyork and shit?
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deez cats is da best thing

deez cats is da best thing in the UK