Gorilla Zoe - Cartunez


01 - Block Intro
02 - Cash Out
03 - The Future
04 - What We Call It
05 - Thats All
06 - Give It To Em
07 - Wavy
08 - Right Now
09 - Cold As Ice
10 - Thow It Up

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Seriously? An other fucking

Seriously? An other fucking Zoe tape? I mean, i don't mind Zoe, he's got a few decent tracks. but calm the fuck down! lol. I can't think of anybody who's gonna download a Gorilla Zoe tap every day. This is getting annoying..........Live your motherfucking life. and fuck those haters!

Whole Month

Calm the fuck down homie... Dayum. These tapes are coming out all month. And do you know how much your signature contradicts your comment... lmfao Yea it's gettin annoyin but his commin out with tapes all month, jus ignore it.

How am i contradicting

How am i contradicting myself? I'm not hating on Zoe. Not at all. I'm just saying, like. There's a limit.........Live your motherfucking life. and fuck those haters!
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makes me wanna look forward to the next lil'wayne tape....
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dude. who on this site does

dude. who on this site does not realize now that its a tape everyday all month by now?...mY aTTITUDE iS cELEBATE, i dONT gIVE a f**K...
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You must be from Iowa or Nebraska. Dont hate just relate.
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Zoe my dude

but this niggas tapes just remindin me how mothafuckin slow this damn month is goin by


im predicting da last mixtape 2 be dj drama gorilla zoe. darealsteve-o
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Give me 100,000 in cash an i will personally take out Zoe an end this mixtape torture! ~W1nt3r 1c3~
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hit D/L

Its almost over I got like 16 tracks of my own greatest hits I made drama and zoe would be nice hope you rite...but zoe far from the worst or best he ok I think but what do I know... Tell them hoes lay off the crack and feed they kids. ~BOLE420

4 Real

I think all yall just hating on ZOE. Many of yall probably didn't think he can go as hard as he has done so far. I think he is doing his dame thing. Been a fan of ZOE since day 1. Go ahead Zoe do yo dame thang. Lets show them that the trap run this site. Gucci, OJ, Zoe who's next up to bat?