Gudda Gudda - Live From Da Gudda


01 - Gudda Gudda-Intro
02 - Gudda Gudda Feat Ya Boy Spark Dawg-Sippin Drank
03 - Gudda Gudda Feat Lil Wayne Jae Millz Tyga-Ym Bange
04 - Gudda Gudda Feat Trae Jae Millz-Hood Nights
05 - Gudda Gudda Feat Lil Wayne Lil Twist Lil Chuckee J
06 - Gudda Gudda Feat Waka Flocka-Young Money Brick Squ
07 - Gudda Gudda Feat Young Cash T-Pain Yo Gotti Bun B
08 - Gudda Gudda Feat Waka Flocka-Lock My Ceo Up
09 - Gudda Gudda Feat Glc Wale-The Case
10 - Gudda Gudda Feat Frenchie-Kitchen
11 - Gudda Gudda Feat Parlae Frenchie-Like No Other
12 - Gudda Gudda Feat Tity Boi Lil Keke-Between Me U
13 - Gudda Gudda Feat Lil Wayne Jae Millz T-Streets-Exe
14 - Gudda Gudda Feat Brisco Billy Blue-Too Many Bitche
15 - Gudda Gudda Feat Eightset-Google Me
16 - Gudda Gudda Feat Hones T-Can You See Me
17 - Gudda Gudda Feat Yukmouth Tity Boi D-Goler-Smell I
18 - Gudda Gudda Feat Jae Millz Tity Boi-Players Club
19 - Gudda Gudda Feat Spark Dawg Crooked I-Gangstaz Gri
20 - Gudda Gudda Feat Spark Dawg-Drank N Dank
21 - Gudda Gudda Feat Lil Wayne Lloyd Nicki Minaj Drake

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gudda gudda's my nigga but idk if theres even any new tracks on this joint
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ye this shit all old except

ye this shit all old except for YM banger but thats Weezy's song not even Gudda-->If Money Is Your Motive Fuck The Jewellry You Should Be Stackin!
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dis niggas mad underrated

"I got a gun name moses and I be in the club wit it/ that shit'll part the red C in your cubs fitted"

I hate how sometimes people

I hate how sometimes people will write the tracklist like that, makes it look so cluttered and hard to read the title. Hopefully it's all new tracks, but I doubt it since I didn't hear anything about Gudda dropping a new mixtape.
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Yeah that sucks every time I

Yeah that sucks every time I have to manually edit all the tracks. Good tape, I don't have any of Gudda songs so this is great. Mixtape sounds good.

Gudda Suck!

" - I'm MC Hammah! "
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Gudda gudda gudda gudda

Gudda gudda gudda gudda gudda gudda i want a a gudda gudda burger..."playboy who the fuck is gudda gudda" this shit is not even decent its pretty shitty his lyrics just be stupid half the time ~DIVIDE AND CONQUER~