DJ No Good & Gudda Gudda - Prison Break (The New Season)


1. (00:01:13) Gudda Gudda - The Case
2. (00:02:41) Gudda Gudda, Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne - YM Salute
3. (00:01:54) Gudda Gudda & Waka Flocka Flame - Lock My CEO Up
4. (00:01:10) Wacka Flocka Flame ft. Gudda Gudda - Young Money Brick Squad
5. (00:04:15) Eminem ft. Lil Wayne - No Love
6. (00:02:18) T.I. ft. Lil Wayne - Yeah
7. (00:03:28) Tity Boi ft. Lil KeKe & Gudda Gudda - Between_Me_U
8. (00:01:46) Bun B ft. Drake - Put It Down
9. (00:03:16) Shawty Lo ft. Lil Wayne - WTF
10. (00:03:03) Guerilla Zoe ft. Gudda Gudda & Gucci Mane - Where It's At
11. (00:03:54) Boo Rossini ft. Yo Gotti & Lil Wayne - Whip It
12. (00:02:37) Yukmouth ft. Gudda Gudda - Smell It On Me
13. (00:02:25) Gudda Gudda ft. Spark Dawg - Drank N Dank
14. (00:02:11) Frenchie 1017 ft Gudda Gudda - Kitchen
15. (00:01:32) Keyshia Cole ft. Nicki Minaj - I Aint Thru
16. (00:01:44) Diddy - Dirty Money ft. Drake - Loving You No More
17. (00:00:42) Sean Garrett ft. Tyga - She Geeked
18. (00:01:09) Gudda Gudda - Every Sound
19. (00:02:11) Pimp C ft. Drake - Whats Up
20. (00:04:07) Birdman ft. Mack Maine & Tyga - Every Summer
21. (00:02:12) Lil Twist ft. Bow Wow - Lil Secret
22. (00:00:29) Willow ft. Nicki Minaj - Whip My Hair
23. (00:04:07) Chris Brown ft. Gucci Mane, Tyga, Drake & Kanye West - Deuces (DJ No-Good Exclusive)
24. (00:04:37) Gudda Gudda ft. Nicki Minaj & Short Dawg - Always Love You
25. (00:04:07) Gudda Gudda ft. Lil Wayne, Jae Millz, Mack Maine - Gooder (BONUS TRACK)
26. (00:00:51) Gudda Gudda - Guddaville_Outro

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gudda gudda gudda gudda gudda gudda gudda gudda lmao yo gget this guy outta here
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lil wayne & gudda make nice tracks together no homo

gudda is ok.. thought this was some new shit; but this is failure..
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Gudda is a shitty rapper and he looks way weird!!!
dninc's picture

Failed as soon as i saw Waqa

Failed as soon as i saw Waqa flamer on more than 1 track, what did it in for me was tracks 22, and 23, can't take this nigga seriously no more.
devilspimp's picture

the worst

Waka is the worst rapper ever. He really has a hard time rhyming words!!!

Gudda aint that bad compared

Gudda aint that bad compared to Waka!! Waka so bad he makes 50 Tyson look good.


ahahahaahha u said it perfectly
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Havent downloaded yet but looks gud YO chech out my new mixtape swine flu down load free at this link
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Throw away music

HOOD KING'S 3.1.3 Throw that sh*t in the gudda!!!!
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Gudda gettin fat as fuck. LOL. Needs to lay off that lean. [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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Gudda gettin fat as fuck. LOL. Needs to lay off that lean. [I'd rather bang Screw!!]
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LOL.. Nigga's downing pure

LOL.. Nigga's downing pure sugar and crushed pills down their throat like it's the shit, Diabetes's gonna be the new cool thing to have sooner or later. I can hear the music now 10-15 years from now..
DIABETE SWAAAAGG!!! AAAAYYYYEE YEEEAA AYYYEEEE!! GET DAT NEEDLE OUT! TAP MY FINGAZ UP! Durrr Durrr Tap my fingaz up!! Damn i think it's time to get my leg amputated, get it Amputated! GET IT AMPUTATED YEEAAA YEEAA!! Durrr, Durr!! SugaSweet SQAUD!!