DJ Rell , Trap-A-Holics & Big Stacks - Stacksss Bonds

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1. (00:00:32) Stacks - Intro (DJ Rell &Trap-A-Holics)
2. (00:01:53) Stacks - 14 To Zips (Produced By Beat Down)
3. (00:03:56) Stacks - Born To Ball (Produced By Zaytoven)
4. (00:03:36) Stacks - Interstate Heavyweight (Produced By Myke Murda)
5. (00:03:48) Stacks - Ridiculous (Produced By Myke Murda)
6. (00:04:00) Stacks - Oh My (Produced By Zaytoven)
7. (00:03:36) Stacks - Whoa (Produced By Zaytoven)
8. (00:03:42) Stacks - Stylin (Produced By Zaytoven)
9. (00:03:29) Stacks - I Got Your Money Feat. Yokie (Produced By Myke Murda)
10. (00:03:14) Stacks - Im Fresh (Produced By Myke Murda)
11. (00:03:36) Stacks - Big Stackssss Anthem (Produced By Myke Murda)
12. (00:03:36) Stacks - Homerun King (Produced By Myke Murda)
13. (00:02:57) Stacks - Mr Miogi (Produced By Myke Murda)
14. (00:03:39) Stacks - So Cold (Produced By Myke Murda)
15. (00:04:33) Stacks - The American Dream (Produced By Myke Murda)

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this shit hard as hell!!!!!!!!!

go stackssss go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kan some one tell me where is Stacks is from? I think he from TN but I'm not sure.

stacksss is from chattanooga

stacksss is from chattanooga but he is far from tha king of the city d cooley still that
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Stacksss Stacksss!! This my

Stacksss Stacksss!! This my boy. Im glad he finally came out wit another mixtape!! He b snappin to me! 'Homerun King' is tiiight!!

stackkkkkkks getting bigger

stackkkkkkks getting bigger and bigger everytime i see him. chattanooga all day.
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This fool be coming off strong. Some more trap music right here. He go just as hard as OJ Da Juiceman & Yung Ralph. Good Shit.