The Hitmen , CEO & Young Jeezy - The Delivery Man

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01. 04:00 Put on Remix (feat. Jay-Z)
02. 02:52 Translator
03. 01:00 Entertained
04. 02:23 Legal
05. 00:52 CTE
06. 01:52 Prime Minister
07. 04:46 Put On (feat. Kanye West)
08. 01:55 Hurt
09. 01:26 Umma Do Me
10. 00:51 They Know
11. 01:24 Duffle Bag Boy
12. 02:13 Louie Bag (feat. Blood Raw)
13. 01:46 Lollipop (feat. Lil Wayne)
14. 01:46 Come Around
15. 01:21 A Bay Bay
16. 01:24 Eyes Closed
17. 01:15 Luxury Tax (feat. Lil Wayne)
18. 02:24 CanÆt Tell Me Nothing
19. 01:19 Big Things Poppin
20. 00:32 Ready 2 Roll
21. 00:55 Hustle
22. 00:44 Out Here Grindin
23. 00:37 Good Life
24. 00:39 Superstar
25. 00:25 100 Million Dollars
26. 00:48 Brown Paper Bag
27. 00:30 IÆm So Hood
28. 00:41 Love In This Club
29. 01:46 Side Effects
30. 04:49 I Luv Your Girl

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Sweet, 30 songs all under

Sweet, 30 songs all under two minutes which we've already heard. Next.

best comment ever worst

best comment ever worst mixtape ever

why do the fuck boy dj that

why do the fuck boy dj that made this mixtape got ma nigga jeezy wit the bird gang chain on

not byrd gang asswhole

dats his 8732 chain not byrd gang correction

Who eva did that cover is a

Who eva did that cover is a dumb ass bitch.

wheres majic d???

CHITOWN HO- heres ur fukin dick 2 suk. happy? mixtape is wakkk yeeeeahhhhhhh.....
JayJayGemini's picture


i just came here to say THE SAME EXACT THING LMFAO, took da words right out my mouth big homie lol

a yo deeboi974 u kno wha u

a yo deeboi974 u kno wha u can do go eat a dick and die bitch no homo.....east side nigga 9 tray all day

and yes that is the bird

and yes that is the bird gang chain cuz i chill wit jeezy and that nigga dont got no chain that look like that

stop frontin- frontin ass

u dont chill with jeezy mo-- its all good tho- u dont have to impress us-- n if u was his man u should stop dlin his shit 4 free and thro the nikka a bone...word

baby boy i chill wit the

baby boy i chill wit the nigga jeezy so fall back and stop hatin i dont need to impress a fuck boy lke u
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where jeezy at?

All this old ass shit! Where the new Jeezy at?


nah.. i asked him he never heard of u- y u tryin to win popularity in here mo? i told u its all good- u dont know jeezy and ur a lame ass- keep waxin ur legs and fukin dudes buttboy


I'll pass on this it all old and no one would like to hear 1min clips of songs, i'll just wait until september 2nd to get his new album


why da fuck dat nigga holdin a turkey


lmao dats sum funny ass shit. hahahhah ^^^^^^