DJ Warrior & Taje: Hot Box (The Second Hit)

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More exlusive shit for the second day in a row!!!!! Shout out to DUBCNN.COM

01) Intro
02) Still Dumpin' (Feat. Chevy Jones) (Produced By Diverse)
03) Misunderstood (Produced By Dae One)
04) Get It Gang (Feat. Bad news & Ace) (Produced By Dame Taylor)
05) Butterfly effect (Feat. Mike Anthony)
06) Shots Fired (Produced By DJ Khalil)
07) Jump Back (Feat. K-Boy, Lil Bam, Bangloose & Marleik) (Produced By J Thrill)
08- Houseshoes (Produced By Dae One)
09) Chips (Produced By Dae One)
10) It's You (Produced By Dae One)
11) Why You Trippin' (Feat. T.K.) (Produced By Dae One)
12) Win Or lose (Feat. Mopreme Shakur) (Produced By Black Milk)
13) The ruth (Feat. Bishop Lamont, Treck Life & DJ Rhettmatic) (Produced By Diverse & Dae One)
14) Momma Taught Me That (Produced By The System)
15) Way (Feat. G Money) (Produced By Dae One)
16) Bendin Cornaz (Produced By Dae One)
17) Last Dragon (Feat. Indee & Mykestro) (Produced By King Karnav)
18- Walk On The Moon (Feat. Noni Spit & Chevy Jones) (Produced By Dae One)
19) Care In The World (Produced By Diverse)
20) All Me (Feat. Dae One & Mike Anthony) (Produced By King Karnav)
21) Outro

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Que Onda

Black & Brown is Los Angles! This is what's poppin' in Califas! No Babe, no silly ass sweaters, no silly ass purple/pink shoes, just some raw ass music!